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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

French Invasion of England at Huzzah Battle 2

This was a bit disappointing I had hoped to have at least 3 players with only 2 (including yours truly)  the wrinkles I had planned had to be abandon.
 A great example of how the lighting in the hall was a problem... half the table is over bright half and too dark.
 Every piece of terrain is my own
 The advanced British position

 the French advanced guard
British militia.  Getting ever thing set up was a bit of a task but I was done in plenty of time for my player to arrive.... only they didn't until Rob showed up looking for a game.

 British and Hanover regulars trying to work there way out of London
 Hum... look like a traffic jam.

 The French advance. Both sides have issues with command rolls keeping the Irish and Swiss out of the battle. and long delaying the arrival of the British Guards/Grenadiers and the second brigades of line troops.
German troops lead the assault on the English redoubt
 English cavalry is thrown back on the fight flank.
 But successfully blunts the french advance as it emerges thought the woods
 The french send cavalry in on the right...
 and Left the British guard has arrived just in time to be be flank!
 The English have established thier line but French cavalry are lapping around the left...
 And French infantry hammers the center
 The french have battere the English center and have plenty of order reserves the French cavalry is behind the redoubt on the hill and can cut their retreat.  I'm calling this one a minor French victory... if you can call a french victory n the shadows of London 'minor/