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Friday, May 31, 2013

My Oldest Friend (2) Return of a minature

I came to miniature painting not through war-gaming but through Role playing games. We were a gallant little band Paul, Atticus, Andrew and my self (there were a few others but they came and went).  Paul I understand is now in the Northwest some place and I have no Idea what happened to Atticus but as you know Andrew and I stayed close. 

Andrew die a few month ago and we buried him yesterday at the grave side ceremony his parent gave me a figure I painted for him when I was in high school.  I'm glad to have it and will display it with the pewter dragon they gave me Andrew displayed them together.  The small painted lead figure was probably unnoticed by most people who visited him but I painted him specifically for Andrew representing a dwarf character from the final campaign the group of us run in high school.  I know Andrew was glad to have it.

 Its odd looking at the work a younger me did.  This was a Ral Partha miniature dated 1989 and was probably painted some time in 1994-95 I don't remember exactly. 
All and all its a solid job it could do with a wash and some shading but I am not going to alter it I happen to love it just way it is, as Andrew did. I don't believe I ever used top coat on this so handling will be minimal It will probably stay on a shelf with its dragon companion from Andrew's collection.