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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boisterous gun fight at the Game Castle

As a change of pace we had a large group doing an old west gun fight with about as many sides as a dead buffalo has maggots.  Rules were Desperadoes 2 which played a lot like fist full of lead.

I was part of the law man team Sheriff Billy McBean and his trusty deputy Bobby Burr.  My job was to keep our prisoner safe until it was time to hang him. Don was trying to free him, Terry had more law men, Tim and Tim had a gang of Mexicans looking to shoot up the town, Frank had some US Cavalry who were chasing the Mexicans, Bob had the Out law Jossey Wales who wanted to get out of town, Chris had some randy cow boys who were looking for whores and trouble... oh and we had a bunch of armed town folk running around who were none too pleased with all the lead flying around... confused yer?  Well I was.
 Sheriff Billy McBean with the pistols and deputy Bobby Burr with the rifle.
 Tim, Tim and bob and the town lay out.
 Don't worry we will see you safely hung!
 Wouldn't be the old west with out whores
 Visitors form south of the boarder.
 Terry's Law men and the Cavalry move out to do battle with the Mexican gang.
 As sheriff I just couldn't resist the chance to capture Josey Wales shot three times, missed three times!
 Ma and her boys take exception to Don using their towns women as human shields
 Josey shot the Sheriff but he swears it was in self-defence
 Mexicans close to sword range with the cavalry
 Remember that old saying about bringing a knife to a gun fight... yeah bad Idea.
 Chris had shot the local saloon owner so Bobby Burr shot at his randy gang and got their attention. Fortunately for me the town folk rallied to their local sheriff.
 And one by one they were gunned down by Bobby and the town folk while trying to cross the street.
Josey Wales tries to make a break for it but the cavalry intercept him. Josey missed 4 times in a row, his Indian only winged the cavalry man... Josey got shot in the foot.

I had to leave at this point but Don' Gang, the Mexicans, and Chris' randy cowboys were all dead... Josey managed to limp out of town. The town folk, law men and cavalry were all bloodied but most of them made it to sundown.