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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Battle of Möckern (Leipzig) Huzzah Battle report 5

OK so most games at a convention are the sort you could put on at you local game shop, basement or kitchen table.  But some game you just need a bigger venue, and this is one.  Leipzig is called the battle of nations for a reason with Russian, Austrian, Bavarian, Prussian and Swedish armies on one side and French, Polish, Saxon and other allies on the other its truly some thing to behold.  My small part was the Battle of Mockern on the northern flank.... but there were 3 other tables including a massive table 12 to 15 feet long by 3 to 4 feet wide.! (maybe Rich or Bergi can tell me the exact measurements.) Correction the big table was 6 feet by 18 feet!

Gordon of Adler Hobby sets up the Austrian and Bavarian forces trying to hold the bridge "home to Paris"
 The Big Table
 Saxons prepare to defend a the swamp crossing at the toll-booth (looks more like a castle to me!)
 the Big table again!
 Cossacks in poor light the light towers are my only real complaint about this event. 
 Its 5 O'clock some were say the Prussians and the St. Pauly girl seems happy to help
 Russian Cossacks in better light
 French on the big table with skirmishers.
 My opponent for Mockern was Adrian He had five Prussian and two Swedish infantry battalion, a British Rocket battery (the only Brits on the field) and two full strength Cossack units.
 On my side I had six French infantry battalions (including the Irish Legion) and two understrength units of French Dragoons.  Chris and his Polish brigade of two battalion and two guns arrived "late" on turn two.
 That is what we call the thin blue line!

 But here come the Polish! Chris is a hell of a painter
 Swedes and Pols face off on my left.
 Some cossacks loot...
 While their bothers break my small under strength cavalry brigades
 On the other flank I have gotten a unit though the village and I am shooting on to Adrian's flank
 Dragoons fall back and Irish advance to protect the Polish guns
 Poland fixes the Swedish front
 While Ireland tries to charge their flank and comes up just short.  Cavalry and infantry would hit my Irish but they would hold and the Polish would rescue them.
 A gap is opened in the Prussian line but good shooting freezes my men in disorder
 Damned rockets caused me much grief every hit disorder some one.
 Two Prussian infantry have broken and my men march on the flank... Prussia breaks and the Mockern flank is secured but... my men are too badly hurt to march to the other table.

 Back an fort battle rages on the big talbe
 Austria holds the Bridge

 More action on the big table

 Rich holds Mark (Gamespoet) for a while but is broken in the end.

The big table is a draw but with Coalition victories and a draw to on French Victory the French face a long roundabout march to Paris.  Great game and thank you to every one who contributed troops and terrain this was an awesome battle and I could not do it justice... we needed embedded reporters at each table to do that.  Thanks to Boston Trained band for all their hard work bringing this together!