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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cleaning up the dead lead box.

Every one who paints for war-gaming has a dead lead box.  The collection of figures you never used for one project or another.  Some times its whole bags or boxes of unpainted figures I like to optimistically call those future projects.  Dead lead is those one to three (some times a few more) figures you just don't know what to do with left over after the unit you did paint are finished.  I like to try and come up with ways to use these.  First up are the left overs of the Dismounted dragoons from Bluemoon who's brothers became the Chausers De Montanna of the Grand Duchy of D'Argent.

 I've painted these guys as French colonial troops Troupes de la Marine
 They are based as Skirmishes for Volley and Bayonet but mixed with similar stands could make a very irregular looking unit of irregulars for Maurice. (I have a number of French Skirmish stands the could go with, probably the subject of an up coming blog) 
Bluemoon figures are a joy to paint, they are so well cast they improve any painters work. Next up are some odd Essex figures I got from my friend Rob Burr.
 Highlanders are always a pain to paint, and I am never satified with how tartan looks.
 Still these worked out reasonably well. They will look a little small next to my other Scots which are Old Glory 15s but for an officer/notable stand they should be ok.
 They might also work as a Maurice objective marker for a Jacobite themed army.