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Friday, May 3, 2013

Huzzah Friday Photos

 Guilford Court House final phase by put on by Day of Battle
 Mark (Gamepoet)'s Heath initial attack union Cavalry and the Iron brigade are ready for Battle
 Mike Paine's First class ticket game
 No Idea what game this was but I love the look of the table

 Jerry and some friends have an Arab-Israeli dog fight
 The signature dog fight event
 Allies on the left
 Central Powers on the right
 Ships of the line maneuver for on a glassy sea
 Rich Claydon's Boston Trained Band game Scots Vs. English
 Chris plays in Joe Magifico's cold war game
 Scots and English are still going at it
 Heaths attack is now well under way.
Cow Boys shoot it out in an old west town