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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memeorial day weekend at the Whiz (1)

Yesturday Frencing Frog passed 4K hits in a single month for the first time I was down at the Whiz celebrating by getting my Stugs clubed like baby seals.
 Anothe lovely section of Europe about to be covered in carnage.
 Much of the clubing would be done by Riccardo and his Guards Armor company.
I was ready to go or so I thought... First turn I got 0 hitts
But Ricardo he kills the first two of my Stugs.
Ted and Gerry take may a rules check (we were dong total war) Ted was my Allie though he was running Americans.  Jerry was running his Cassino Indian.
Riccardo was even having good day with his 25 pounder killing one of my StuGs
The High point of my day I bail one Sherman Fire Fly.
As British Recon slips in behind me!
They close in on my Stugs. 
That AT15 is just plain evil.
The British recon hit my Neblewarfer battery though before they did the HQ team won an Iron cross.
Gerry meanwhile killed my second Stug Platoon and well that broke my comany.  I lasted three turns and didn't take any one with me.
Tyler was doing more play testing with Tom, Rob and Mark of his game "Age of Swords and Arrows"

This time the theam was the Crusades and included camle mounted Arabs.