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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ironclads (2) at Game Castle

 I was once again taped to command a small confederate squadron the Georgia the Iron clad on the top and the Gunboat Marry
 Rich left commanded our spar torpedo subs while captain Bob commanded a turtle iron clad Manassas and a casement Iron clad Fredericksburg
 Ted commanded New Ironsides while time commanded the three monitor Ironclads
 Rob Commanded the Virginia and the gunboat tug Hope
 Our mission sink New Ironsides and break the blockade.
 First shots exchanged between Virginia and Ironsides
 Confederate forces including spar torpedoes close in on Ironsides. I can't quite figure out what the Union Admiral is up to but he is heading right my way!
 David takes aim at Goliath Heave damage has been given and taken on both sides but the CSA is having the worst of it.
 Our best chance the spar torpedoes swing and miss! and then I learn Ted's horrible plan...
 He rams me! but some how CSS Marry managed to stay afloat.
 Then new iron sides seems to explode. Both Virginia and Georgia take a beating!
 An then Tim's monitor sinks the Georgia with two devastating hits!
The Marry takes a shot a point blank range and gets a very good hit.
The Virginia lunges at Ironsides but only gets a glancing blow. The Virginia then sinks under a devastating barrage. The Ironsdes survives but just barely as we call the game