Thursday, May 30, 2019

Saga Age of Magic: The Otherworld

This will be the first of several entreis about some armies I am thinking of using for Saga Age of Magic.  First up an Norse mythology theamed Otherworld list. 
I've been looking for an excuse to use the miniature since I painted him for the 2015 Painting Challenge.   Thor will be my warlord and I'll probably spend a point to ungraded him to an "archdemon" The figure is from Reaper miniatures.
If Thor is your warlord than Odin must be your Sorcerer (miniature from Footsore) since Thor as an archdemon automatically has the energy domain of magic Odin will take death, it even works thematically! Odin can also work as the Conjurer if I want to save a point. 
OK so this is Norse themed but I'm not following Norse mythology in any strict sense. Fernier is a foe of Odin and Thor but he makes a great Behemoth type monster so he shall fight along side them here
For Hearth Guard we shall use Shield Maidens who war obviously Valkyries I'm going to experiment with calling them "Winged" even if they don't have actual wings.  
Hunters are special aggressive type of warriors that the Otherworld lists can use.  I think wolves and hunting dogs (together or separately) are prefect for this option.
For warriors I'll use my old Viking/pagan Saxon figures in the guise of Einherjar of Valhalla
I may do a single unit of warriors ore two depending on if Odin fields as a sorcerer or Conjurer.  This probably won't be the first army a field because John and I have agreed not use spells in the first game to limit the new elements each of us has to master and I think Magic is going to key to how this army work.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Saga The Irish invade Vineland

Last Thursday John and I met for a very interesting game of Saga his report is already up here  he describes the scenario and force mix.  I didn't get an initial set up picture but on the left I had two Curaidh and a unit of warriors with Javelins.  Also a unit of wolfhounds that was sent racing to the other side.  I wanted to drive these troops back and keep them form attacking the other side of the board.  One of my champions is already looking a little haggard from canceling shots form arrows.
on the right side I wanted to fight a delaying action using cover where I could.
Still when Javelin troops are in charge range its best to charge especially when the enemy had Javelins too.  The fight was sharp and bloody with several casualties on both sides.
one Curaidh is down but I'm causing damage to both of John's units on the left.
The Javelin troops are down two three figures..
I got the better of the other melee too but only just barely
But John has his men rolling up as well and with some good tactics and good dice he takes out one of my warrior units.
and then pairs down the Hearth guard with multiple attack with Javelins
My Warlord manages to get some revenge but not enough.  John had a small but significant miscue in his last turn that probably saved at least one of my units.  When we totaled up the score it was 18 point to 18 points a dead tie.  I was ahead most of the game but John did really well in his last two turns and evened things up.  Had he used "we obey" to launch an attack with his one unit of warriors that was in good shape before his warlord attacked he would have probably won the game.  These two armies were a very interesting match.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Huzzah! 2019 Pazzi Conspiracy

Saturday afternoon I took part in Rich Clayton's gorgeous game set in Renaissance Florence
I had a staring roll as Francisco Pazzi leading my men in a search for Medici.
Dave Valentine is playing Medici.
We charge across the Plaza dodging crossbow bolts and hopping to combine forces with the Arch-Bishop and Duke Urbino 
Suddenly Medici Guards are spotted outside a house...
A Mob is assaulting the Arch-Bishop's retinue!
One of my bowmen isn't good at dodging.  The Young lady who ran the city guards had a bad habit. She didn't get many hits but when she did she rolled a 6 three times in a row.
Part of the city guard and another nobles troops drawl in the house.
Da Vinci is painting throughout the chaos outside.
Urbino and My troops are closing in on the action!
The engagement is fully joined.  It looked bad for Medici and the Arch-Bishop for turn or two....
but both had a turning of luck with the dice and both Urbino and Pazzi fell to Medici blades.  The Arch-Bishop's guards finally overcame the mob (with a little help from Urbino's men and mine).  

Huzzah! 2019 Carnage at the Blockhouse.

 Saturday morning I was at Rich Wallace's Table for Carnage at the Blockhouse.  I play tested this on the American side (very different table) this time I'm on the side of King George.
 Our objective is to hold the Block house Cornwallis is isolated in the house you can see at the top f the page.
 The Yankee Doodles under Sal rush forward at the block house.
 turn two Hessian troops arrive
 The fortress is being pressed hard with the militia driving back the Light Infantry pickets
 The von Kohler Grenadiers charge across the bridge in column... and take fire form the guns that quickly spins around.
 Continental troops are swarming around Cornwallis' headquarters.  
 My men take the guns and other German units begin to shake out into line.
 Despite some tense moments the garrison of the HQ have held
 My Hessian press forward as the garrison launches a counter attack.
 The Continental Dragoons drive back the 16th Lt. Dragoons
 The militia is pressed form both sides...

 and units begin to surrender
 or run as the Hessian's take one more American battery
 One more push by the Continentals fails to break through and American army moral breaks.
The Block house cleansed of rebels (except for prisoners)

Huzzah! 2019 Flint and feathers

Well My blogging for Huzzah is well behind but I will report some thing on every game.
John and I found our selves playing on the same side in Dean Emerson's lovely Flint and Feathers game.
 John's men were the "patrol force" while mine were the relief force and started off board.
John quickly secured two of three patrol markers and then rushed to engage
The Combat system used cards warriors pick an attack or defence card if they are highly skilled or pick one at random if they are less skilled
John won his first engagement and was able to follow up two interlopers were killed early John's men took some wounds in the process.  I got on the board but pulled  a medicine card this meant I lost a move but got to put down a nasty thicket (upper right of the picture) that would slow down our opponents efforts to combine against us.
Finally my men start making their way out form the Village.
Its a long run to catch up with John... and he's slowly loosing troops and hand to hand fighting and to the skilled bowman the enemy has.
Finally I get in range... my bowmen take down a warrior..
 John is down to just his Great warrior who is trying to slip away.
Our opponents dropped a swam delaying the final clash a turn or two.  When we do engage my great warrior and his companion win the clash and the enemy decides to fall back and away.  This was a fun game and I loved the look of Deans figures and the table.