Thursday, January 31, 2013

The New Place

Its been a busy week.  On the day I helped memorialize Andrew there was another major undertaking under way. Ariana a band of friends: Jason, Angela, Jackie, Barry, Ann Marie, Jen and Ariana's brother Travis move us out of our old apartments and into the new one.  I am grateful to them and to Ariana that I could be with Andrews family on a day she had every right to expect me to be with her.
Our new Living Room

I have been cleaning up the old place, unpacking and helping Ariana's roommate Jason move out this week so no painting, or gaming has gotten done.  I might make it to the Whiz Sunday and will be at Game Castle on Tuesday.
The Kitchen as seen form the living room
Unpacking is still underway and we realized we need some serious additional shelving for kitchen items and my books.  Still the place is coming together.
The all important painting nook is established (though not fully unpacked) at the back of the living room. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

My oldest friend

This is Andrew Triggs my oldest friend. We met in Kindergarten and saw each-other almost daily until I went to Xavarian Brothers for High School.  Even then we still saw each other a few times a month, to watch Anime or play D&D.  I lost touch with the others in that group Paul, Atticus and others who I can see but no longer put a name to the face when I went off to College but I always returned to visit Andrew.

While I was in college Andrew took a turn for the worst and was hospitalized. I "prepared" to loose him (a silly notion but something a younger me thought I could do).   Andrew fooled us all and pulled through, though he would now be stuck in his bed (for the most part one or twice a year he would go to a movie) and have to breath though a trake tube he would go on.  That Spring break I visited him and I learned he had met a chaplain at the hospital and this experience had given him a bit of a spiritual awakening. He asked me if I could introduce him to my Priest.  I contacted Father Reagan though I do not recall now if they met, I do not believe they did. Andrew explored a number of religions, listened to the Bible( and the Qua'ran) on tape and frequently engaged me in discussion on religions subjects.  Eight years of Catholic education provides a wealth of opportunity to study religion regardless of ones desire to do so and use my knowledge as a starting point for some of his exploration.  In the end Andrew joined the Congregational Church in Marshfield and found a home there.  I was very impressed by the way that church worked to make him part of their Community even going so far as to set up a tele/video conference so he could be part of church meetings. He was active in their youth ministry.  I am grateful to them for the way the opened their arms and hearts to include him.

Andrew and I discussed many things not just religion, that is part of why I always returned. Andrew had a sharp mind and a clever wit right up until our last meeting. Andrew and I stood on opposite sides of many political issues not disagreeing so much on ends as on ways and means and even when we didn't we often disagreed about who would best get the job done. I loved getting his perspective usually a very practical one devoid of most ideology and willing to concede a good point and admit their were aspects of a position or persons political make up that he was troubled by. Our disagreements were never acrimonious a refreshing change in the current world of politics.  More often the conversation was about books we had read, movies we had seen and what was going on in my life and to a lesser extent his life.

I often wonder what Andrew would have done had he not be trapped by his condition. If pressed I would say that he would probably have written as he loved books, comic books and movies.  He did a few outlines for comic book stories and they were pretty good as my very bias mind recalls them.   I wish he had gotten them published. The truth is he would probably have surprised us all had he been able to leave behind the chains of his condition, speculation is pointless and limits a person of boundless potential

Andrew had passion for comic books and Science fiction especially Star Wars, Japanese animation especially the Robotech series. His collection of action figures and comic books is something to behold and I am sure his parents will find some proper way to dispose of them.  He also loved music I remember him playing drums for a while in elementary school while he still had enough upper body strength and his collection of music was also extensive. Flags and the nations the represented were also an area he studied with passion.  Below are some photos of his room and the collection that decorated it.

Andrew lost his life long battle to Muscular Dystrophy on January 11th 2013. We comemorated him on January 26, 2013.   I had him as my friend for almost 30 years and it was not long enough, it could never be long enough.  I loved him and will miss him but I am sure that were ever he is he is at peace and has not only a "perfect heavenly body" (as his minister put it) but wings to fly as well.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Fencing Frenchman

I am not a big fan of 28mm, at least not for armies I like it for Heroic figures and I do love this figure of a Napoleonic French officer in an "on guard" position. 
The Careful observer will note the figure is left handed (I have some thing to tell you...)
  The sculptor really got the right look for a man in extended third guard.
The hand on the hip is only thing wrong with the stance a fencer of the early 19th century would probably hold his hand at chest height to help ward off sword and bayonet thrusts.  Still the figure looks very good and will be a nice officer for my French Brigade probably serving with the Skirmishers. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Notables and Officers.

 Barron Andrew Triggs.
The real Andrew Triggs recently passed away before I could show him this figure he loved the idea of have a character in a war game.  Keep his family in your thoughts. 
 Ambassador to the Holy Roman Empire and Marshal of D'Argent.

Sir Rober de Burre commander of the regiment of the same name.

The following are as yet unnamed officers and Notables of The Grand Duchy.

The Duke D'Argent

 The Duke and his escort an officers form the Duchess' Own Dragoon regiment. 
 The Duke wears the Uniform of his Guard 
The Horse was inspired by one I saw at the MSPC Farm in Methuen MA.  I think its on of my better attempts to paint an Equine. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Guard D'Argent

The Guard D'Argent is the premier regiment of the Army of D'Argent, responsible for the Duke's security and for securing the Place and the Ducal family.
 They were the same gray coat as all of D'Argent's Infanty regiments but Cuff, and Small Cloths are dyed Purple (the color of royalty since ancient times).  The guard is also distinguished by silver buttons and lace on both hats and coats. The intend message is Elite but not Elitist as any soldier of D'Argent can hope to serve with the guard.
 The Guard draws about half its membership in peace time from young nobles and functions as a military and diplomatic academy for these scions of the nobility.  Here they receive training form some of the best NCOs and officers in the nation and learn to inter act with their betters at court and in the field. The Regiment also provides contingents to D'Argent's Embassy abroad a plum posting for a young noble or a distinguished retirement for an old Soldier.    
 In war time many of these young noble men (and some of the NCO's) will be used to provide officers for new regiments or to bring other up to strength. These are replaced by picked men from the regular infantry who are eager to join the Elite regiment of the nation.
 War time service with the guard is hard as they are always at the point of attack and the last regiment off the field when things go wrong. Casualties are as a result usually high but the Duke never lacks for new candidates despite the danger. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

More French Armor

I recently finished these H35 Hotchkiss tanks.  I Plan to use them with my early war French Recon army.

The short gun has very little power against armor but its good for killing guns and infantry.
What makes these guys a usful asset is their excellent (for early war) front and side Armor.
Sure its only a 3 a three bill bounce a lot of shots in early war these guys will be handy assulting infantry or backing up the infantry that holds an objective.
Best thing is they are recon letting me move prior to the first turn and then fire during the first turn(with out a +1 to hit) as the attacker something you cannot usually do with a French tank.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dust Cloads

I got these from Battlefront as part of there "move both your warehouses sale."  At the two for one price they made a good deal.
 There are six per box so the 12 I have in total should cover most of my armies in any North Africa battle.
 There is enough variation between the individual cloud that they don't look like very vehicle has the same dust cloud.
 The Painting job is very nice. All in all think these were a good purchase and will add something visual to games set in the desert of North Africa and may find play in the steps of Russia during the dry season. 
Each cloud narrow to two points behind the rear wheels or tracks of a vehicle. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Gaming Plans

Painting Goals

1. Finish Grand Duchy of D'Argent's Army and get it in a game.
2. Finish Painting the Geibgsjager troops for Flames of war
3. Paint opponent nations for D'Argent to fight in demos. 
4. Paint at least one unit for sale on Ebay per month.

Gaming Goals.
1. Host a game at my new Apartment.
2. Run at least two games at gaming events.

Ariana and I secured a new place to live. Old English Village in Lowell is very close to my old place and we have a lovely one bed rooms with space of a gaming table.  The move will be at the end of the month.  Painting updates will be in short supply after I finish off my current project.  Gaming time will also be limited but I will post what I can when I get a game in.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

X-Wing at Game Castle First Game of the New Year.

Ted commanded the Empire but Rob handled the rules.
I had some new ship and Ted had a new "star mat" and some folks are burnt out of Flames of War so we did star-fighter combat instead.

 In the First game it was Wedge Antilles against....

 Darth Vader (oh Crap!)
We Closed fast and Vader go my shields! Vader is so cool he didn't get a scratch!
 I Barely got around in time to get a shot back at Vader on the next pass but it was too much even for Wedge.

 The Next game I had Luke and Wedge against Vader and two imperial pilots. I wanted to try and pick one TIE at a time. My intention was to use Luke to absorb shots as he had R2 and good defensive abilities.  Naturally Ted only shot a Wedge!
 After a pass and a turn I had gotten one TIE but Vader had stripped Wedge of his shields.
 We closed again Wedge took more hits but so did Vader.
 Luke took out Vader on the next pass
 Then it was two on one and the TIE was in trouble.
Victory for the Rebel Alliance.