Monday, November 30, 2020

Maurice Meat Grider Part One


Saturday night I ste up a little techical problem for three friend.  Nick, Frank and Pat commanded a Austrian-Allied force attempting to break through a French blocking force to relieve a besigned town in the Austrian Neatherlands.  

On the left an advanced force of French light troops screan the main line. 
On the right a line of flags can be seen rising over the vinyard and sunken road ahead. 
In the center the french have fortefied the old Chatuea and the hill across the road. I was inspired by my reading about some defensive positions prepared by Maurice de Saxe in the War of Austrian Succession hence the senario name. 
My foes wisely decided to avoid the fortefied center of the French line and begand to move agaist both wings.  
The Austrian light corps and Cavaly move up on the French Screen the Austrian Dragoons spot a corps of Swiss troops and Grenadiers de France.  A small Austrian Dragoon unit fell to a charge by the French hussars. 
The French Light infantry managed some extrodinary shooting driving off a Austrian Hussar unit. 
They sold thier lives dearly but vell to  a three pronged attack by Nicks light units. 
This reavealed the French Cavely as brigade of Dragoons and some Household and/or line Cavalry.
Hanovarian hussars charge thier French hounter parts and thier heavy cavalry move up to suport them. They eliminate one unit and send the other one running.  They are charged and riven off by the French dragoons. 
Those fleeing hussars are too tempting a target for the French Household cavalry who charge and eliminate both of them but then stop cheer and shake hands rather than hitting the light troops and cavalry behind those hussars (that would have been useful).  Nick mounted a chage on the Swiss and grenadiers He got hurt but did damage to the front line. 
Left side of the attacking line is well engaged several Austian and Allied units are hurt (a few badly) but they are still able in very good shape.  A big cavarly fight is shapping up here.
On the Allied rigth the guns are into position and have started to lob ranging shots. I've moved the Irish brigade up in suport.  The fight hasn't started here yet but it will soon and the Allied forces have a significant advantage in troops 21 batalions to 12 and 5 batteries to 3. 

We hope to get back to this game some time this week or next weekend. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Honors of War French vs. Austrians


I gave running something that wasn't Black Seas a try last night.  It was a modified version of Honors of War.  

Jess advanced on the left driving back the Croatians in the woods. 
Arofan drove back the Hussars on the left though his infantry was slow to follow-up. Dana advanced in the center. My Austrians were stalled  trying to react to the French attack. Arofan got his infantry up and launched a coordinated attack on the right. 
Dana's troops held the center as Jess advanced through the forest while Arofan smashed into the Reichs army troops on the right. With both flanks turned the Austrians are doomed.

Friday, November 20, 2020

French Fleet unboxing.

Having traded in some old rule books and minatures that weren't going to get used so I had a nice chunk of credit and decided buy myself an early Christmas present for a winter painting project.  This won't some as a great surprise to anyone but its fun to share new toys. 
First up we have a lovely French 1st Rate. I recently got the l'Orient so its possible I might flag her as English.  I'm trying to find a French 1st rate captured by the English that actually got put into English service most seem to have sunk or turned into hulks because they were too damaged
They box also has three Frigates and three 3rd Rate ships of the line 
There are nice stern plates and figure heads to customize the Ships a of the line and frigates.  There are some nice ships here l'Aigle, Redoutable, Bucentaure,Themis, Hermione and Comete.  Aigle (Eagle) could make a nice US ship of the Line if I ever want one. 
There is also a nice gun boat base, it will be nice to have a second one of these for harbor defense scenarios and or Lakes battles. 
Finally there are frames for six brigs.  I have some conversion ideas I want to consider for these because I don't think I need anymore Brigs.  These will be good fouder for the Painting Challenge. 

Monday, November 16, 2020

Isolation up date. Catching up.

 I think the last time I did one of these updates was when my Father-in-law's death was acounced. The reason for this is my summer days were pretty similar.  Cooking and playing with Evelyn, watching too much Danial Tiger and occasionaly doing a remote game. There are lots of pictures.... and they will be good memories but they were dull writing.  but it looked something like htis

Walks and Rock climbing near out house
Playing in the plaground area of the Discovery Museam 
Weekend Visit with my parrents 
Evelyn has been playing doctor a lot and this is her intende job when she grows up. (we will see) 

Playing with Gramy at the cafe inside the Discovery Museam 
Dad Evelyn Birthday collage. 
Great Meadows in Concord
Pirone Park our local playground 
Great Meadows again
Discovery Museam 
Family picutes in down town Ayer. 
A fun outing with my Nephews in Main. 
Franklin Park Zoo with Gamy 
Hampton Beach (it was 70 degress on Veterans days so we took advanteag)
Photo shoot with Melissa Jean Photo Design We had a lot of time but its not exactly an exciting read week in and week out. 

Ariana went back to work in June, I returend at the end of September. Ariana is very busy at work (Emerson Hospital) I am slow (Marriot International) and  hope I will be able to contiue to work as the world seems to be heading back into lock down again. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Cyberwars Redux: Battle of Sandy Hook

Ran this scenario again this time I modified forces a bit the British traded a frigate for second ship of the line. The American Navy swapped the Argus and Hornet for the Essex. 
The Essex cut across the front of the British Frigates pounding Guarriere. 
The Belvedere and Shannon fire into the Essex and Congress. Shannon hit Congress particularly hard before Congress cuts across her stern. 
United States fires on both Shannon and Africa 
The President cuts in front of Belvedere and hits her hard. 
Essex sinks Guarriere while President and Congress exchange fire with Shannon and Belvedere. United States fires into Agamemnon. 
United States fire on Agamemnon taking fire from both Africa and Agamemnon in turn.
President takes advantage of a lucky rudder critical on the Agamemnon to cut act her stern as..
The United States engages Africa broadside to broadside. Both ships are hurt but Africa gets the worst of it and is forced to strike. Congress meanwhile cuts between Shannon and Belvedere forcing both to strike.
President crosses the stern of Agamemnon and she catches fire and sinks.  The US fleet took a beating but captured the Africa, Shannon and Belvedere and sank the Agamemnon and Guarriere. If you want to check out a video of the game take a look here: Cyberwars Redux
I also got a great note from one of my players: Player AAR

Monday, November 9, 2020

Virtual Carnage: Battle of Sandyhook (1812)


Our battle begins with all both sides maneuvering to obtain the "Weather Gage" The Sole exception being the USS Hornet who move straight forward in the style of "Leroy Jenkins!"

British Luck is bad this day as the wind shifts on turn two putting three English ships in danger of being in irons (facing into the wind).   Making Maters worse Congress and then Hornet Cross the T of Aeolis while President hits Shannon. 

Hornet and Aeolis collide during the Aeolis's death throws.  Hornet is hard hit by Belvediera and takes no more part in the action but she survives and a frigate sunk for a sloop damaged is a good trade. The change of the wind has thrown the British into confusion as they must veer off and maneuver piecemeal. Congress cuts behind the Belvediera as President exchanges fire with Shannon. 

Shannon carefully tack and closes with United States hurting her but taking damage in the exchange as Congress and President exchange long range fire with the rest of the English Squadron. 

Shannon and Belvedere are both ripped open by the United states which sails between them and fires devastating broadsides out both batteries. 

Shannon and Belvedira both strike President and Africa exchange long range shots as do Guerriere and Congress.  Congress takes a hit to her rudder but is still able to close with and force Guerriere to Strike.  Africa is too slow to escape and too weak to take on three damaged but still powerful American Frigates. The turn of the wind gave the Americans the best outcome yet in this scenario.