Friday, January 27, 2023

More Like Foxes than Lyons

This ARR was wrtine by Arofan I run the half of the French Army


A bit of an AAR from last night. As befitting the deliberate pace of lace-era warfare, the 10 pictures all look identical unless you look closely! ;-)

Before the start: Perche has match lit, and looks ready for a scrap!

One: Both sides extend their front to the south, and the Imperialists begin their musketry at long range:

Two: The Savoyen Dragoons deploy and wheel into line - the French have not finished taking up their positions. The French move up and the fire-fight becomes general:
Three: French infantry deploy, still with loaded muskets, and the Dragoons advance into attack position:
Four: The 1st battalion of Perche, disordered by fire, scatters before a charge by the dragoons, but the Gendarmes de France have deployed and are ready to hit the now-disordered Imperialist horse:. In the center, Starhemberg advances on the disordered French St, Laurent, but refuses to charge.
Five: The counter-charge goes home, and a melee ensues!
Six: Predictably, the Dragoons have the worst of it, and begin their long journey back to Savoy!
Seven: At the north end of the line, Greder has had enough and flees the field.
Eight: In the center, the Starhemberg battalion which refused to charge now refuses to stand, and likewise departs...

Nine: The 2nd battalion of La Perche unleashes their initial volley of the game on another battalion of Starhemberg, and they also break and run. The Gendarmes have formed up and continue their advance. The Imperialists on are the verge of defeat, but if they can break the French horse with a crushing volley, then at least the honors will be equal... 
Ten: The Gentlemen of France earn their keep - although disordered and shaken, they hold their position in the face of a tremendous fusillade. France has gained the field!
Well played by both sides, and a close-run thing!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Wolf Hunt

Monday was a snow day and Evelyn wanted to take a look at my Wargame terrain and such and then she set up a village and picked out some figures.  We decided to play a game and she decided to play the "Big Bad Wolf" I ran the Kings Jagers .
Civilians flee down the road while mounted Jagers and hounds move to intercept the wolf. The intitial clash results in the death of one dog. 
Two civilian ledies quckly fall to the wolf. 
Jagers get a shot at the wolf and hit it. 
More civilains are eatem and the wolf is hemmed in taking shots from my jagers
The wolf makes a break for it...
The mounted Jagers run down the Wolf but cannot hold it 
The Wolf breaks away but the two laddies fend it off... 
The wolf is cornned and takes it's third hit... forcing it to flee but it carries off another hound. 
The wolf got six figurte the target needed for Evlyn to win but...
The wolf took 3 hits enought to drive it off so my first game with Evelyn is a draw.