Thursday, September 29, 2022

HMS Mars

It's no secret I have taken issue with Warlords choice of "Renowned" ships but they got it right with HMS Mars 

She took part in Cornwallis Retreat in 1795. In 1798 she had a famous single ship action with the French 74 Hercule. See: Battle of the Raz de Sein She also took part in the Spithead Mutiny. 
I decided to take a little artistic license and paint a ship named Mars red. I can find 0 historical evidence for this (infact she seems to have had the standard yellow but that's no fun) but I like how it looks.
Like all Warlord selections Mars saw action at Trafalgar engaging multiple French and Spanish ships.


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

English First Rate

With the Royal Navy box set I have an excellent English 1st rate.

I plan to use this ship as Royal George or Queen Charlotte which where near sister ships. 

Her stern is glorious a mix of yellow, gold, white and skyblue for the glass.
I kept the "figure head" a generic scroll work but it's still quite striking. I'm looking forward to doing a big fleet action with at least two English and two French 100+ gunships (possibly some Spanish too) 

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Yankees Corsairs and Frogs at Hobby Bunker

Its 1800 and United States are at war with the French and the Barbary Corsairs. Sailing a gauntlet of Privateers in the Mediterranean to get as many merchants home as possible. The Corsairs attack the front of the convoy from the south.
The French attacked the rear of the convoy from the North. This French Frigate slipped passed the escorts but was unable to grapple.
The Corsairs attack in force  swarming the leed merchant despite the effort of the USS Congress and Boston. 
The Corsairs took a merchant and a Navy schooner...
And then boarded a second merchant which is quickly overwhelmed.
The French ships are beaten back with large amounts of damage. The Corsairs lose one Xebec and have several other damaged but take two merchant's giving them a minor victory. 

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Guns of August

 Arofan put together a great little game day at Wicked Gaming in Peterborough New Hampshire Saturday. It was my first day off so to speak since Grayson was born.

The First game saw me as a BEF platoon leader in 1914 facing wave after wave of "Huns."

This is what we call a target rich environment.
With the help of some French Artillery support and excellent BEF marksmanship 
We managed to repeatedly clear the board.  By the end 9 German units had been eliminated for minor losses on our side.
We next did a fictional battle inspired by Napoleon 's 1814 campaign.
As French commander I planned an envelopment with a faint at the center.
Bills flying column advancing (we didn't learn until later a fast march column movement was possible 
The village resists stubbornly. 
But the attack on the left is making progress as I draw much of the fire.
Prussian cavalry catch one of our columns in the open.
Our last ditch charge drives back the Prussian square but cannot break it. We are unable to cut the road in time and must fall back as additional Prussian troops advance down to road. 

Friday, July 15, 2022

Grayson Frederick


My wife Ariana and I are happy to welcome our son Grayson Frederick born 7/12/2022.
We are looking forward to introducing him to big sister Evelyn who could visit us at the hospital due to COVID-19 policies.  Mom and baby are both doing well. 

Thursday, July 7, 2022



I picked these up at Huzzah from Tim of Trilaterum Miniatures  I don't have a specific plan for these right now but I've always liked the idea of space warfare since watching it in Star Blazers as a kid and these ships remind me of the Earth Defense Force Ships from the second season. 
These 4 ships should be just enough for me to play around with some ideas kicking around in my head.  

Monday, June 20, 2022

Cornwallis' Retreat coming soon at Wargames Tonight

On June 10th  We played a game of Black Seas.
Arofan ran the English fleet turning to save his trailing ship Mars  
Heavy fire was exchanged first at long and then much closer range. 

Mars was repeatedly hit by multiple French ships.  Mars was eventually forced to strike on fire 
The game ended with a dramatic collision between the flag ships and and the Bellerophon being grappled by a French ship Tigre.  Bellerophon won the boarding action though we ruled the result minor French victory (one could argue it was a draw). 

I'll post the video link when its available 

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Ayercon Frostgave

Last Sunday I was thrilled to run a lite version of Frostgave with local Cub Scouts.  Dave Valintine ran Devil in the wilderness, Bill Greenwald ran an RPG called The Loop (hope I got that right) and my new friend Hunter Theon(our daughters are besties) rand D&D.

My first game included two crossbow men who were deadly shots except when facing this bear 
Two brothers teaming up to kill a great worm.
We also saw my gravegolum make an appearance and a team of players take him down. While another player barely avoided possession by demonic forces
The second game has only two players and they kept getting mixed up in numerous battles. Including a wizard who wanted to be left alone.
One player lost both his characters after running from the Giant only to attack a resting undead creature he could have bypassed. Good fun all around.

A few pictures of Dave's game .

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Black Seas Modifications/house rules

Some changes I have made to the game to help make games a bit more interesting or handle issue that seem to come up frequently. 

1) No Firing High or low. Roll a 1-6 for each critical hit 1-3 = Low hit 4-6 = High Hit. Subtract 1 from the roll at short range.

2) French receive a +1 to shots over 10”

3) Cracking On: Make a skill check if you passes add 1d3 inches of movement per level of sail. If you roll a 1 roll 1d3 on the high critical table and take 1d6 points of damage. Ships Cracking on can only fire their chase guns.

4) Ships may try to grapple instead of avoiding entanglement/collision (if one ship is trying to grapple and the other does not wish too the play with the higher modified skill check wins, ties go to the more skilled crew or reroll if they are of the same skill)

5) Spanish ships of the line (large 3rd rates, & 2nd rates) may take over gunned the same way their 1st rates can (with the same penalties) 

6) Ships may "Back Stays" reducing their speed by 1 inch per movement.  

Friday, May 20, 2022

Huzzah 2022

 Last Weekend was the first convention I have attended(in Person) in two years.   I ran two games based on the 1795 Biscayne campaign Cornwallis's Retreat and  the Battle of the Groix 

"Cornwallis" lost two ships but took down two French Ships and damaged several others before making his escape.  

The Battle of Groix had the French Fleet hold together but the English where much more aggressive the end result was a historical result three French ships lost.  The French took out two English Frigates that got too aggressive but in the calculus of war two frigates for three ships of the line is a good trade. Both games played well thought the second one needs some additional work. 

The next day I got t play the Roll of General Scott at the Battle of Chippewa 
The English where Driven form the field though a Americans suffered serious casualties. 
Then a game of the Battle of Teugen/Hausen in 6mm its a good game the set of rules are forth coming (Soldiers of the Empire I believe) 

Then the a game of Medival Patrol Aztecs vs Spanards on lake Titicaca  

Sunday I finally got to Play civilizations of the Inner Sea and I really enjoyed the game and not just because the my Egyptians won. 
Huzzah was great fun I'm already looking forward to next year.