Thursday, February 27, 2020

Challenge X: Entry # 17 USS Boston

From AdamC: Piper's Peak USS Boston Quasi-War Frigate (50 points)

In the late 1790s French privateers (and some warships) operating from bases in the French or Spanish Colonies were doing a great damage to American trade. This hit Merchants in America's coastal cities hard causing both financial hardship and moral indignation. 
Then came the XYZ affair where American envoys sent to Paris to address the situation were told that they would have to bribe French officials if they wanted any official attention. This touch the Nations honor and citizens of the cities of Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island Massachusetts and New Hampshire responded by starting subscription campaigns to design build and fit out warships. Five Frigates and Four sloops of war were built this way. Its interesting to note several of these ships were started before Congress had officially responded to the XYZ affair and before the government had offered to buy the ships in exchange for government bonds. 
The USS Boston was one of the ships built by this combination of Patriotic zeal and anger. She was officially a 32 Gun frigate making a small 5th rate by the system used at the time. She was also lightly armed for a frigate in that era carrying a main battery of Twenty-four Nine pounders and Eight Six pounders. Still she was made of the same Sothern Live Oak that made the Constitution so tough and her sailing qualities were remarked apon by several officers. She had a very successful career in the Quasi-War taking eight French vessels including the Le Berceau a large French corvette. This last capture happened after the never entirely official war had ended and was marred by members of the Boston’s crew pilfering the belongings of their French counterparts. 
After the Quasi War the Boston carried the New Ambassador to France then did a turn with squadron dealing with the Barbary pirates before returning her name sake port. Then a final voyage to Washington where she was laid up in ordinary (mothball in modern terminology) sadly she was not well maintained and was deemed damaged and not worth rearming for the War of 1812. This is too bad as she would probably have done well as a commerce raider. 
As you can see, I did some dressing of the stern and bow. The Blue and White is meant to echo the Massachusetts state flag's colors and seal. The ship is too small for me to do detail work on by I wanted to do something to suggest her identity.
Points should be 18 for ship and 30 for Pipers Peak with some possible additions for flags etc.
Finaly here is the US Sqadron as it stand so far Two Frigates, On Sloop of War and two Brigs. 
From DaveD - another fine addition to US fleet there Adam - lets call it 50 points

Monday, February 24, 2020

Challenge X Entry 16 Fench Brig

French Brig (12 points)
Another Brig completed this one in the Yellow and Blue of the French Navy. She'll be a nice addition to the French forces for the Quasi-War. 

I don't have a particular historical ship to base this ship on she could be one of several small French warships/privateers I came across the name Chien de Chasse (Hunting Dog) which I like so I'll call her that for now.
The ship has four flags and the three national flags can be switched out allowing me to change her allegiance.
Here is my French "fleet" as it stands right now. It should be joined by one more Frigate and another Brig plenty of ships for any historical or speculative battle of the Quasi War. The ship is 10 points plus any that should be added for Flags and rigging.
Your fleet is coming along nicely, will look great on the sea.


Thursday, February 20, 2020

Challenge X Entry #15: Brigs and Brigantine

Three more ships for Black seas. These will be used a merchants and privateers.
Two standard brigs from warlord unlike many of my recent offering I haven't done any “surgery” on these. 
I kept the both ships in "natural" wood colors this one has yellow trim. 
The second has white trim to distinguish it from the other brigs. Both came out looking quite sharp. They will be used a merchant in a scenario I am working on for a game next month. I opted to use the revolutionary period US Flag. The ships flags can be changed out. 
Speaking of Merchants here I present a creation of my own a Brigantine merchant. A ship built from a couple of larger popsicle sticks, with coffee stirrers for the outer hull. The bow is cut down from an extra frigate bow. 
The stern is made from an extra stern plate from a frigate (you get several more bows and sterns in each set) giving it a finished look. She is rigged as a Brigantine a common ship type used for merchants from America. Basically, she is rigged as a brig up front and a schooner in back. For points we've been saying 10 points for the Brigs. The Brigantine is about the same size so another 10 I'll leave the extra points (if any) for flags and scratch building to the Minion. 
By Paul
Some lovely conversion work here Adam. I love that rather than "nailing your colours to the mast", you have made the flags interchangeable. I'm sure their captains appreciate the opportunity to pull a ruse de guerre or two! 40 points for you Sir, including some bonuses for the additional work and details

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Challenge X Entry #14 Corvette and Merchants

From Adamc: Corvette Schooner (35 points)
Another set of conversion made from two brings "surgically" separated and then reconnected. The main mast was again the biggest problem. The main mast is actually slightly cocked to the side, I was able to get it almost straight with the rigging but it’s still there even if no one but me can see it (at least I hope you can’t see it).
First up is a 24 gun Corvette, a favorite light warship of the French Navy playing much the same role as the Sloop of War in the English and American Navies. This one is a little bigger than the Berceau captured by the USS Boston and then returned to the French and later captured again by the British.
I cut down an extra stern plate from a frigate to make cabin windows for which I think really adds something to the ship's appearance, sort of wish I had done it for the Sloop of War.
Here is the Berceau alongside the USS Delaware the corvette is slightly bigger 24 guns vs 22 guns.
Another combination of brig parts, this time built as a topsail schooner a popular design for trade vessels and Privateers.
I had to build the mizzen mast from scratch, and it came out look pretty good I think its a little large but not overly large. Rigging was a challenge on this one since there are no guides, but I think it came out pretty good. 

She's painted in generic colors because she will probably switch sides fairly often serving at merchant in need of protection. 
This ship started life as a 1/1050 GHQ ship a frigate, I believe it’s on the small side but should work as a small coasting vessel. The ships didn't have masts which made them hard to manages but this one at least now has new life. The jib sails are from tumbling dice the other sail is a piece of cloth.
Here are the two merchants’ side by side the smaller ship looks reasonable even if it started as a ship of a very different scale. Points I figure 15 for the Corvette, 10 points for the schooner and another 5 points for the coasting vessel. There are a few flags that might be worth a few extra points. 


Reconnecting corvettes? Sounds crazy, and I don't even know what a "mizzen" is! Well done Adam, you continue to impress with your nautical efforts. I'm going to toss in an additional 5 points for the general nuttiness of boat surgery, a home-made "mizzen", and all of the other conversion work you have done here to bring us these fine vessels. Great work. 


Monday, February 10, 2020

Carnage and glory: Battle of Pragau

Sunday Rich invited me to take place in a fictional Prussian defense of Prague during the War of Austrian Succession.
I had command of the Cavalry of the Prussian Left with a couple of units of Grenadiers to provide a back stop.  Arofan my opposite number played waiting game hitting me with a battery as I had no gun to reply.
The Austrians in the center moved forward and took devastating punishment from the Prussian grand battery.
The Austrians set on of the objectives on fire taking those objective points away from us. 
Some cheeky Austrian hussars tried to slip into our rear and had to be chased off.
Far to the right the Austrians are on the march and would soon start pressing that flank hard.
After several turns of being hit with artillery I ordered my lead brigade to advance but only one unit went forward. 
Despite disruption of the stone wall we overthrew our counterpart who were caught flatfooted.
this touched off a swirling cavalry battle that was one of the most complicated I can recall.   If the Austrian moral hadn't been hammered by the losses in the center Arofan would probably have done much better he had me out numbed about 3 to 2. 
The battle ended with the Austrian moral reduced to 72% and over 25% casualties.  the 7th Cuirassiers earned honors under my command.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

ACW Campaing Battle 1861.

Dearest Mother Just writing you a few lines to let you know I still live despite having been in the thick of the action near Manasses Virginia.  We were deployed on the right of our lines atop a hill owned by the Henry family.
The Yankees made an attack on our left but our our artillery and the good shooting of the troops form Louisianan and South Carolina broke up their attack.
We Texans advanced on the right and our lead regiment was thrown back in confusion but
We quickly rallied and fired into the advancing Yankees
We exchanged volleys with the federals at close range and there were many dead and wounded on both sides.  I am happy to say that I have escaped unharmed.  My love to you and all at home.
After the battle I got three See the Elephant cards promoting troops from green to regular and a new unit of regular infantry.