Thursday, October 29, 2020

Revolution of 1848 Grand Duchy of Baden


My band of revolutionaries finds part of the duke of Baden's treasury and one of his relatives. 
But the counterrevolutionaries are arriving.
Then I learn of a camp holding political prisoners from my captured aristocrat.
an attempt to turn the Ulans fails... its the army! 
The soldiers shoot our rioting civilians.
We seem to be stalled at the river....and unfortunately, at this point my daughter had a series of melt downs so I had to bail on the game.  Por kid is sick, but I understand they did manage to sack the Duke's palace. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The State of the Fleets Oct 2020

The French Fleet has seen some expansion adding three Ships of the line since the last update.  I've also ordred a French First Rate.  The French force currently stands at 3 Ships of the line (3rd rates) 2 Frigates (5th rates) 1 Corvette (6th rates) and three brigs. 
The greatest expansion has been the British Fleet which stood at a single frigate back in May.  The Royal Navy now stands at 2 Ships of the Lind (3rd Rates ) and 5 Frigates (all 5th Rates). Two of the frigates are smaller 3d prints that could be used as 5th or 6th rates.
The USN is may larges fleet with two of the "Super Frigates" United States and President.  There are 6 other 5th rate frigates.  For Smaller ships there is a Sloop of War (6th Rate) five Brigs and a pair of Revenue Cutters. Thats a total of 16 ships. 
Last of all the unaligned ships, merchants pirates and so forth. One large merchant and two small merchants, four Xebecs, a stand of gunboats, nine schooners and eight small vessels/boats.


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Fort Deven's Museum Game Day (Virtual)

 For ty past few years I've helped (in a small way) put together and promote an event at the local military museum.  This year I reached out to Peter Lowitt (who is on there board) and offered to help make it happen in a virtual setting.  I was joined by two great game masters.

Arofan ran a world war II game portraying the fighting near Caen. 
Will ran an ACW game based on the Battle of Balls Bluff.
I ran the Battle of Sandy Hook a the Royal Navy under my command with help from Eammon had it's best showing so far sinking Argus and forcing the USS President to strike. Unfortunately for the Royal Navy the Shannon and Africa where forced to strike and the Blevidera  burned to the Waterline. Aeolus was run down by the Congress and United States. HMS Garriere barely managed to escape. Two British Frigates sunk with another captured and a ship of the line captured would have sent incomprehensible shok waves through the Royal Navy.  My game was also shown over Facebook live if you care to take a look. Sandy Hook

Monday, October 12, 2020

A pair of East Indiamen

  More goodies from Arofan's shipyard:Generic East Indiaman

These will make fine Large Merchants for Black Seas. I haven't flagged them yet and may not since as merchants are usually targets in Naval games.
I used some extra stern pieces from my Black Seas Frigates to dress them up a bit as these details weren't very crisp.  On ship uses the Black Seas ratlines while the other uses some that are 3d prints.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Operation Alchemy: Space Marine

Space marines advance on their objectives. 
My Team triggers automated defenses killing one soldier before my unit shipper can takes it out.

Will's squad advances on the cave and faces opposition from Alien robots and Corporate mercenaries. 

One of Will's Marines discovers the cave is occupied and just has time to make his report before being shot dead. 

Alien robots move into or toward the jungle... I seem to be attracting a lot of attention. Good thing I have Mechs backing me up, the take down the robots.
This time Will has a grenade enter first and but still take fire from the lone survivor, killing one of his men. 
The corporate mercenaries take out Will’s rear guard. 
My first team moves up and uncovers “predator” aliens to our left flank.  My Second team opens fire on them killing three and then causing two other to run. Those two come back but he Mechs take them out! 
Will’s surviving men kill the scavenger queen and then get ambushed by more scavengers…
Who take out another of his troopers. 
My troops and the Mechs are using fire and movement to advance through the jungle while the corporate mercenaries have done a conga line across table until running into two alien robots, who burn down the first two soldiers.  Mercenary Artillery then takes out one of the robots. The conga line then becomes a firing line taking down the last robot. 
An alien Bio-Mech charges the corporate mercenaries who now seem to be the focus of the alien attention. 
The firefight in the bunker/cave continues. 
My squad advances out the Jungle with the Mechs providing cover from behind.
Will finally wins the fire fight and finds some interesting technology only to have three alien predators pop up, a grenade takes out one… but not the other. 
Marines move up to investigate the Dormitory while the Mechs advance on Dome A  
Will and his men engage the Predator in hand to hand combat and have finally cleared the room and uncover Alien data and a large stash of digital pornography.

The Dormitory contains a booby trap that kills one of my men…. 
Grey Aliens are discovered in Dome A.  They  try to capture the Mech they fail to mind control him the first time but manage it the second time.
My 2nd fire team finds a planet buster bomb which we try to disarm… it seems to still be ticking…
Meanwhile my 1st fire team blunders into a fire fight between the research team and aliens and discovers the Data Core location and whic we radio to Will's team. Turns out the Pornography was a code screen for the data. 

Alien aircraft strafe the corporate Mercenaries as run back try and steal the Data Corp from Will. The Grey aliens emerge with a Marine mech under their control. 

The extraction shuttle arrives as the mercenaries run toward it. My troops manage to disarm the planet buster and kill one of the Greys. The HQ squad manages take out the other Grey and we head for the high orbitals.