Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Alternative Critical Hit Table For Black Seas

 To streamline the game I eliminated shooting high because almost no one did it  anyway (since their was 20% penalty to hit without offering any significant benefit.) The one thing that Firing High did was change the critical hit table. I decided that it made sense to combine the tables and use a d10. 

I've made a few other changes to the game but I will post details on them some other time. The key change is to split Moral from Skill (which is hinted at in the crew hit section). 

Monday, December 12, 2022

Wicked Gaming: Battle of Sandy Hook

 Traveled to Wicked Gaming in Peterborough NH for a game day set up by my friend Arofan. I ran the Battle of Sandy Hook again since I had it ready to go.  Frank handled the British and  David and Bill commanded the American Navy.

HMS Shannon lead three English Frigates north against President and Congress While Africa moved against United States and Essex

HMS Aeolus faced Hornet and Argus she took two heavy blows but... 
Then crossed Hornets T and smashed here in turn.. 
One broadside took down the poor Hornet. 
Shannon and Guerrier exchange blows with President and Congress then Guerrier moved beteween the two ships hamming Congress but then the brave crew boarded the English ship starting a battle that would last almost 3 turns. Congress was eventually over overwhelmed then Shannon Crossed Presidents T and she (President) caught fire setting off a chain-reaction resulting in fires on Shannon, President, Congress and Guerrier. (Congress burned to the waterline) 
Mean while Africa and United State were hammering each other until African crossed United states T and forced it to strike. 
The English won a clear victory sinking Congress and Hornet and probably capturing President and United States. Essex and Argus would have gotten away into the Atlantic though Aeolus might have been able to dog their steps.  The most of the English ships are damages though Belvedere is unharmed and could have placed New York under blockade.