Monday, February 29, 2016

Challenge entry 'Nautical' from AdamC - 'Captain John Silver'

It's Challenge bonus entry time this time the theam is "Nautical" you can see all the entries here: or you can just go and vote here

Every year for Huzzah the organisers pick a theme and ask clubs and individual players to paint figures for the game. Its a good deal, they get figures for the game and after we get to keep them. This year the theme is Pirates.
This is my pirate Captain Named John Silver he's clearly inspired by Long John Silver of the famous novel Treasure Island. He may have on leg but he's got a quick mind and gets around fine. He's also quite a snappy dresser with his three plumed hat.
I decided to make his parrot an African Gray in part because I have always like their look better than the more typical green fellows you normally see with pirates.
Another look at the Parrot their under side and face are a lighter gray and their beaks are black. I gave John gold lace on his hat and pockets. I also made his buttons gold as well, clearly he;'s successful pirate.
For colors I was inspired by the Disney Treasure Island look but made it a bit higher class as this guy is a captain not a cook. I don't know who mad the figure as I didn't buy it but got it free (other than having to lend it back to the convention organizers for a few days) making it the best sort of figure.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Challenge entry Landsknecht Arquebusiers

30 more Arquebusiers Landsknecht troops. I split the two men strips up so I could give these stands a more ragged appearance.

First up is the green and black reminiscent of Jager units of latter days.

Not as colorful as the others but still the yellow feathers give them a little dash.

The Wasp Company in yellow and black as I have called it.

The brightest and unit in the group and my favorite of the bunch.

Blue and Pink the final company of Arquebusiers I figure these troops will work as skirmishers screening the Tercios or covering the rough ground on the flanks.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Challenge Entry: Monster, Thug and Ice Toads

The last monster for the Monster Hunt game I'm not sure what this guy is supposed to be it some sort of dragon kin. It vaguely reminds me Draconians form the Dragonlance Chronicles but if so its too big I didn't see the nose ring until I took the picture I will have to touch it up
The sword is a backup to the mace head and chain making me think he wants prisoners... perhaps to eat?
I put him next to this figure a kit bashed thug frostgrave a 28mm minatures for scale purposes
He has a body and head form Wargames Factory and hands from the Frosgrave cultist kit, as is his axe
The Bag on the belt is also form the frostgrave set.
He's intended as Thug the most basic type of Melee soldier in Frosgrave a hand weapon but no shield or other armor.
Finally two Ice Toads form Reaper... OK technically they look more like frogs but the will work for Ice Toads and OK technically Ice Toads aren't intelligent and these guys, clearly, are but that just makes them cooler and more dangerous
I based these on the look of tropical poison arrow frogs since I thought it would look cool.

Monday, February 22, 2016

And the Winners Are...

I'm a day late but here are the winners of my 1000 post give away.

30 Arquebusiers from Warmonger Miniatures 10mm scale

Jonathan Reinhart has won these by default as he was the only person to put his name in.

A unit of British Legion troops from Orinnoco Miniatures perfect for a Napoleonic Imagination or for the Wars of Liberation (South America)

Ray is the winner here I lookforward to seeing what he does with these.

A meso-American "elf" from Menhir Games.

JP Price has won this fellow hope he will enjoy painting this interesting piece.

Finally a partial spruce of Wargames Factory Viking Bondi. There is a enough here for 3 soldiers all with shields and hand weapons.

This has been won by Joakim (you can never have enough Vikings) Strom.

Thanks to all who entered get in touch with me so we can make arangments for you to get your stuff.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Saga Game (1) at Hobby Bunker

Thursday I got together with John for the first time in several weeks and we got in two games of Saga.  John Played the Anglo-Danes and I Played Vikings. Our first game was the first scenario from the book called something like "Clash of Warlords" (or something like that).
 John's force in the field...
 Cuthwulf rides again this time as a Viking.
 this impassible mountian is a problem... I probably shouldn't have placed those Bondi on the far side.
 A great spot to defend from but with only 6 turns to win it I will have to move.
 John hits my Isolated bondi with both his own warriors and his warlord... they hit me hard but I also hit them hard.
 Still I got more damage and will have to fall back.
 Heathguard units face off  at a distance
 My other unit Hearthguards and my warlord take on John's warriors we win the first battle helped by Ullr form the battle board then I use Thor to force the battle to continues.
 I destroyed John's warriors... but lost two men in the process.
 The other unites of Hearthguard clash I has good luck and John had bad luck leading to the destruction of another one of John's units.
 John hits my other Hearthguard and this time...
 John used on of this battle board abilities to hit me with extra exhaustion...
 This created an interesting situation John charged my War Lord he but we couldn't find a rule for what the other unit do.. they could absorb hits but not take part.. (anyone have any info on how this works.)
 My Warlord falls back but.. what of the other units? My remaining troops make short work of the few soldiers who still stand.
 John attackes my other Hearthguard unit
 and I kill off his warriors
 Leaving the war lord alone...
John made one final charge and actually killed all the soldiers in that unit and his war lord alone escapes to fight another day.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Challenge Bonus Round entry: L'amour' from AdamC - 'Tom Bombadil and Goldberry'

Vote here through Saturday: L'Amour

This wasn't the entry I had in mind but when I saw these two as part of a set at my local store I decided to go with them as my other plan is too large to get done in time. Tom I did in his Blue Jacket and yellow boots as per the book I went with orange for the waist coat and green for the hat for colour (they are described in the book) but the blue feather is. Goldberry is described in a green dress with a gold belt.

Tom Bombadil and Goldberry aren't exactly your typical fantasy power couple but.... Well Tom is the only being in Middle Earth who is unaffected by the one ring and at least on his own ground is pretty much master of all things weather the undead or evil willow trees.
Goldberry is a brilliant figure I got the whole set just for this figure. She will appear as on of the Princess or decoy figures in a Frostgrave based game I am hosing at Huzzah Con (I will let the judges decide if she should count for the side challenge.) I tried to high light her face, hand and part of her dress to show the glow of candle light, it looks better in person but isn't as effective as I would like it to be. I have a great love of Tolkien so I am pleased to showcase one of his loving couples for this round.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Challenge entry: 3 Frosgrave Crossbowmen

My last entry for Monday three kit bashed crossbowmen for Frosgrave. They have Wargames factory bodies, arms and crossbows form the Cultist box from Frosgrave. The Center has a Frosgrave head the the others have heads from Wargames factory

The extras, quiver, bags and daggers are from the Frograve soldier spruce or Cultist spruce.

Here is the group shot that was requested its hard to get them all in frame...

So here are two closer in photos...

Enjoy and I will do another full group shot at the end of the challenge.