Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bottling Wine

We've been busy with wedding preparation which has cut into my painting (that and burn out from the challenge) but not all of it has been work. We settled on wine for the wedding favors and the other night we bottled the wine we had made about six weeks ago at Incredibrew .
Here I am filling bottles its a really cool machine you almost can't screw it up. 
Ariana corking the first bottle. 
One of my Groomsmen Dana and his girlfriend Jess filling and corking bottles for us as Ari and I handle labeling duties.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Chocie of the Challenge Voting is open

My own work was not nomiated by my fellow challengers, given the quality of the competition thats no shame at all but take a look at these great entreis here: Choice of the Challenge

Here are the contestants

Christopher S
Miles R
Curt (the Great "Snowlord" and challenge organizer himself)
You should see the survay to vote along the right hand side of the page: Vote or you can vote here

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Challenge entry Last Post Frostgrave soldiers, Treasure token and old school Ogre

This will be my last post of this challenge its been great fun again this year and I would like to thank Curt for running the event and thank Peter and the other "Minions" for their hard work
We have 4 more Frostgrave soldiers all made with Wargames factory and Frostgrave parts. On the left we have an archer and a ranger (the one holding the sword) two of my favorite soldier types because of their ability to shoot an move in the same turn. To the Right we have tow men-at-arms with hand weapons and shields.
I did two of the soldiers in paid just because it seemed the thing to do, I don't have any scots in Frostgtrave yes so why not. Green is a natural color for a ranger and I liked giving the swordsman a length of rope a very handy thing to have in a crumbling ruin.
Then we have the hobbit from the Fog on the Barrow downs set. With his crown and belt he makes a somewhat macabre treasure token for the game.
This last is an old Ral Partha Ogre my friend Mike gave me he'll do as a troll alongside his more modern Reaper compatriot.
I added the axe from my bits box I twas a pain drilling out the hand, I lost two bits doing it... but I think its worth the effort he look far better with a weapon.

That's the last post of new miniatures I have painted for the challenge but there will be one or two more related posts as we have some prizes up for voting and I can use your support. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Challenge Entry- - Frostgrave Great Worm

This is Figure is from Reaper and I really wanted one for my Frostgrave collection but its been sold out sine the game came out, especially as there is no official worm figure form Northstar but author Joe McCulloughn has said this is the figure he had in mind when he wrote the "worm hunt" scenario. I certainly don't want to mess with anything with that many teeth!
I went with blue because I felt it would pop on the table and added some snow on it head where it got stuck when it burst through the ground. I also went fairly heavy with the wash so it looks like dirt is clinging to it.
The figure comes with its own ground work, dirt and rock chunks were it burst from the ground I added snow to the ground to fit the setting.
For scale I have two 25mm Frostgrave soldiers.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Challenge Entry: White Willow Warriors Part 2

When I did the first part of this unit I hadn't read through the Dragon Rampant rules I didn't know what unit size I needed. I did 7 because that was what was in the open pack I had. I figured that would be a good number but it turns out 12 is actually the most common number of men for an infantry unit... so here are 5 more.
Not much to say here other than these are 5 more of the Heritage Miniatures Byzantine figures I picked up last year at Huzzah!con's Yard Sale.
The Willow Heraldry of unit inspired by Tolkien though not an exact copy.
They make great offencive heavy foot or "Bellicose" Foot.

The Challenge is Over

Here you can see a group shot of most of my painting from the challenge. The Frozen girls and the PSC Half tracks aren't here but every thin else is.
The massive addition to the Frosgrave army I built over the course of the challenge 697 points worth winning the Frosgrave side challenge by just over 100 points. 
10mm Renaissance soldiers and my Dragon Rampant army.  I also painted many soldiers for my friend Chirs Rett's monster hunt game at Huzzah!con. 
French troops for En Guarde! Pirates and modern Peruvian troops along with the Drunken Master. My final total of points 1703 Points bringing me in at 6th place out of a field of 75 (We had 88 entrants but 13 of them did not submit anything).  The challenge was great fun and I hope you enjoyed following along.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Challenge Bonus entry 'Bonnie Prince Charlie'

This piece is also my Curtgeld (The figure gifted to the event organizers). This is a Warlord figure that I picked up specifically to be my Curtgeld when I learned the subject. There are lots of great entries in this bonus round so please check them out 
As the last man to make an actual invasion of England the Bonnie Prince was a risk taker (not to mention a romantic figure in the history of the UK). The truth is his venture had not real chance of success but for more than a year he managed to make the King of England sweat.
I'm also taking a risk doing tartan in 28mm I kept in simple and it came out fairly well. Its not my best tartan but it didn't com out badly.
I couldn't find any official uniform for the Young Pretender so I went with a modified version the Royal Ecossais. Any way I hope Curt like him and I hope all of you like him too.  Please Cast your vote here

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Challenge Entry: 6 More Ral Partha Spear Men

These are the 3rd pack of these fellow that I got last Spring at the Huzzah! Con yardsale. I've painted them up to be a 3rd unit of infantry for Dragon Rampant. I had to replace the original spears because except for the guy in the middle they were all broken.
I reversed the shield color on these guy green with white as opposed to white with green.
Purple cloaks and plumes give them enough of a different look that I can use them as a separate unit but all of them are should still work nicely together (if I need an 18 man unit of spearmen).