Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The di Brassi incident Panama 1938

 Report of  Lt JG Carriere June 10th 1938

The Gun Boat Onondaga processed into the interior to investigate a group of  missing American women.

I was ordered to take a landing party of sailors to investigate a supposedly abandoned warehouse.
Within minutes of landing we we attacked by bandits.
Chief Sullivan and his boat crew entered the warehouse and encouraged a mob of orientals and Americans. They began firing and we had to respond. Firing was out of the question so fists, gun butts and bayonets are the order of the day.
Fortunately the Americans in the room switched sides (why they were originally opposing us is "unclear") but with their assistance we subdued the orientals.  Then more in Japanese army uniforms came out of a trap door. We just husstled the prisoners and Americans out we killed the soldiers and sent a grande into the tunnel before more men could come up!
The Onondaga sank a boat with additional japanese troops
We got the Agents, women and prisoners on board the ship.
With the help the Marines we established a perimeter to allow for an orderly withdrawal. US Army Air Corp and locals (Able Seaman Ramirez was able to interview a pair of locals)  located an encampment and later investigation found the tenants of an extensive camp but little other evidence.