Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Challenge 8 (Ate) planning

So this year: "Challenge VIII (or 'Challenge Ate') is dedicated to our most cherished, or feared, monstrous things."  A great theme though it makes me wish I hadn't done this fellow over the summer
Because He would have been perfect! Oh Well, my Bones III set has plenty of monster types to use.
I've put in my application email and have been accepted.

So there are new wrinkles to the program this year. First of all in the past we have been asked to send Curt a miniature in tribute and he would donate to the local animal shelter.  This Year Curt is letting us pick a charity to donate to.  So my plan is to pick something probably a 25/28mm figure (probably bones) auction it off on eBay and donate what ever I get to ExtraLife a charity I am already raising money for.
The second wrinkle is the addition of terrain to the mix this year.  That's rather exciting as I have some terrain project that need work and this might just be the push I need.  These include the mausoleum I got from the Bones III kickstarter.

The Bonus rounds this year look interesting:

'Flight' (January 6th submission / displayed January 7th / voting results January 14th)
--- Lots of options here air craft, space ships, winged monsters, birds, super heroes.  Should be fun to see what people come up with.  I am undecided.

'BFG: Big Freakin' Gun' (January 20st submission / displayed January 21st / voting results January 28th)
--- Another one that has lots of possible option that I can't wait to see.  I may have to get creative... as I don't have any cool artillery projects (and since I'm trying not to buy any thing new).  Still creatively interpreting the themes is a challenge tradition so I am sure I can come up with something.

'Music/Musician' (February 3rd submission / displayed February 4th / voting results February 11th)
---This time I know exactly what I am doing here and its the perfect excuse to pint these miniatures only concern I have is lots of people probably have the same set sitting in their lead mountain.  

'Childhood' (February 17th submission / displayed February 18th / voting results February 25th)
--- Bones has provided me with an excellent set of miniatures to use for this project!

'Monstrous' (March 3rd submission / displayed March 4th / voting results March 11th)
--- I have some ideas for this one all coming from my Bones III set.  I can't wait to see what the really good painters of the challenge do for this one.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hobby Storage Unit

My wife Ariana found this on a Facebook yard sale site for $15.00.  I picked it up the other day. 
Its home made with lots of draws about 3 or so feet tall. 
The draws are subdivided into small trays that can be removed and reordered.  This will be a great combination bitz box, supply storage and a good place to stash figures I am painting but have to put aside for some reason.  

Friday, November 10, 2017

Painting Challenge #8

Its November Which means we are weeks away from the start of winter here in New England and the start of the 8th Analogue hobbies painting challenge around the world.  I'm being a little presumptuous because Curt the Great Snow Lord has not yet officially announced the challenge for this year but it seems likely to happen.  
Pike and shot troops form last year's Challenge
I'm planning to take part again this year my 4th challenge(?!) so I guess that makes me a regular or maybe just crazy. With Evelyn and a new house to look after I'm lowering my point totals. I'm thinking 500 is a reasonable target.  I have the miniatures but I might not have the time to clime higher than that.
So what am I planing paint you ask?  I've got a number of miniatures that I hope will provide some more specific character to my Norse-Gale and Irish Armies for Saga.
I also have a TON of Bones miniatures that should prove useful for bonus rounds and general painting.   I've also got a bunch of US Great War miniatures and 2018 would be the perfect year to paint them only problem is I have no projects to use them for.
My Friends in Maine will have another project relating to the Huzzah! convention that I am sure I will volunteer to paint for (and hopefully not regret doing so).

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gunfight on the Arctic Circle

My friend Dave Valtinine  is hosting a gaming event at the Amerhert Makers space on November 18th I'm running this scenario (of my own creation) durring the afternoon scession.

Gunfight on the Arctic Circle
Rules: Naval Thunder
Number of Players: 2-4
Background:  May 1942 the USS Washington and her escorts have been assigned to assist the Royal navy in providing distant escort to convoy PQ-15 to Murmansk.  Tirpitz and other heavy German units have sortied.  The British ships have had to turn back because of a collision between two major ships leaving the US task force to face the Germans on their own.  The two fleets will meet the Ice coked waters of the Norwegian Sea. 

 Historical Note:  The Washington did in fact escort convoys PQ-15 and the King George V was forced to turn back due to ramming the destroyer Punjabi.  The German’s didn’t make an appearance and one of the only chances for a “one-on-one” duel between an American and German Battle ship was lost to history.

US Forces: USS Washington; USS Wichita (Flag ship); USS Tuscaloosa; 4x Destroyers Benson class

German forces: Tirpitz; Admiral Hipper; Admiral Sheer 3x Destroyers Narvick class

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fort Devens game day 2017

This is my second year at this event, this year I didn't run a game this year but played Carnage and Glory run by Rich Wallace.  My daughter tagged along (and didn't take much notice of the outing)
My friends Dana(who to the picture) and Jess (in the back ground) also joined us Dana served with me on the confederate side while Jess joined the darn Yankees.
The Yankees were wise but cowardly and stayed behind their fences rather than advancing to face us man to man. Peter launched a strong attack on the union guns to the left and Dana and I advanced in the center.  The action was short and sharp we did hurl back the first line of Yankees...
but the second line and Jess' troops on the flank then launched a counter attack.  
My second line troops try but are too few to plug all the holes.  The Confederates suffer a significant defeat. Sorry I wasn't able to do a more detailed report but with our recent move I have been pressed for time and the details have slipped from my mind.  Evelyn was great many of the guys commented on who quiet she was.  One even claimed he forgot I had brought her.  I hope this is the first of many such outing.