Saturday, November 25, 2023

Fort Devens Museum Game Day

 On November 18th Fort Devens Museum hosted it's annual game Day 

Bill Greenwald ran Command and Colors Seven Years War.

Gabe Landowski ran his home brew Damned Human race rules.
A crazy battle for control of "Mars"
Bob Rioux ran Kasserine Pass using Bolt Action.
I got to play Frank Shepard's Naval Theater Battle of River Platte. I had the Graf Spee. I'm a big fan of these rules which Frank is in the process of preparing for publication (or so I believe)
I played Kris and Mark running the Royal Navy. 
I was able avoid fire for the first turn using this handy rains squall...
But it didn't last . I blew HMS Ajax out but Graf Spee was dismantled by fusillade of Six and Eight inch shells.
I ran The Leeward line again Kris running the French and Spanish while Mark and I ran the Royal Navy.
As happened historically Royal Sovereign attempted to break the line 
But the French successfully grappled her. 
A confused melee took place with two French ships locked in combat with the English 1St rate. Three French ships struck their colors it looked like an English victory was ensured.
But the Santa Ana, Indomitable and the other Spanish ships got in a numbered of key hits forcing four English ships to strike 
The remaining Spanish and lone French survivor are badly battered but they came off the winners in this scenario.