Friday, September 9, 2011

Current Porjects

Greeting all. Adler Hobey is starting a Napoleonic game day using the Black Powder rule set. I'm still not sure about the rule set as I have yet to play a game but I am working a French Napoleonic "Army." Actually it will probably represent a Large Infantry Brigade or a small Division depending on how you count these things.

I just about finished the first unit which I am calling the "foul weather" battalion. The entire force is dressed in over coats the base unit is completed I'm just waiting on an officer and musician from Front Rank so I can fill in those spaces. The Perry Box (25mm) that provide the bulk of the Soldiers only came with one officer and one drummer and since neither had an over coat other options had to be explored.

I also finally painted up some 25mm American Revolution French that had been in the Bits box for a long time... No Idea what I will use them for but they would make a reasonable wing scale unit for V&B.

Next up are my Voltigeurs and the Irish Legion for my Napoleonic force.