Monday, July 23, 2018

Petard Assult Team

Robert Burr Gave me these fellows as a Christmas Gift and I have finally gotten them finished and photographed.
The Petard team it self was fun to model I tried to give the impression of charging across a long contested nomane's land on the way to the location were they will hopefully make a breach.
My original officer form Warlord had his sword broken I did a swap arming him with a war hammer from my bits box (and the hilt of a sword so the sheath would not be empty).
Both officers look quite aggressive with their fired pistols in one hand and favored melee weapons in the other.
Dismounted cavalry armed with Grenades!  Throwing explosives to cover friends who are running with a chest of explosives seems like a bad idea to me but it would make me keep my head down if I was on the other side..
Tried not to make these guys match too closely as a forlorn hope of this sort would be made up of men form several units.
These fellows laying down covering fire with their carbines have the right idea.
One of these fellows has very heavy armor and I can't really blame him I'd want as much armor as I could reasonably carry going into assault a breach.
More fellows to join the assault these guys have pistols and swords ready to rush into any breach the Petard can make.
I'm sure these dismounted cavalry men will find a home in my army for Pikeman's Lament, Dragon Rampant and other games.  They are armed to the teeth with and weapons, pistols, grenades and carbines and will make a formidable unit.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Trail Camera

Finaly got some great pictures on the trail camera Ariana got me for Chirstmas

Friday, July 6, 2018

Nuts! Makerspace Game day

During the afternoon of the Maker Space Game day I was able to play in John Paul's game of Nuts.  I've read about Nuts but never had a chance to play.
I had on infantry section (4 men under a corporal) and a light tank under may command.  While troops are fairly basic they are each unique making the game a bit like an RPG.
My fellow players and I are trying to get information on the local defences.  John Paul is running the Germans in a game master role.
We push in dismounting from the jeeps as German's are spotted and shots ring out.
We do pretty well winning a lot of early "draws" against the German armored cars and killing several Germans.
A fair number of German vehicles are soon burning as infantry covers the buildings.

Then the Germans get our lead tank (mine).
We are pressing ahead.  HMG fire is keeping a sniper down in the tower and and we've killed a number of Germans in the fire fight while losing only the one tank (and one Infantry man).  the game moved reasonably well once all 4 of us understood what was going on.  I like the game. Minor differences between troops can make a big difference.  Mike Pain's troops entered  building with Italian civilians he didn't have anyone who spoke Italian, I did if I had entered I could have probably gotten lots of useful information.  We had to call the game before we had a true decision but we enjoyed it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Dragon's Army

On June 23rd and intrepid band of players face off at the Amherst Makers Space game day.  Lex and Amon run and army of monsters (lead by a Dragon) facing William and Patric with an army of humans.

The Monsters were quick to advance the Werebat striking pose on the old stone circle.
The humans moved up quickly in the center the Militia (who mus not have know better) leading the way.
Amroth the Dragon took a place in the ruins (I gave him cover but shouldn't have opus)
He's flanked by werewolves...
Who quickly charge the pike men but then fall back
Orcs, Gnolls and Giants advance on the far side...
The Orcs charge in on the pike men before they can close up but are driving back in disorder.
Cavalry begin to duel with the Gnoll leadership who didn't know that infantry isn't supposed to charge cavalry.
Amroth dives among the militia and mane fall in bunches...
but a stinging hit gets through and Lex rolls snake eye on the moral check as Amroth recoils while the militia hold firm!  Nobody so that coming!!!
The Duel ends in mutual annihilation...
The bats strike the swords men but with out effect.
The Giants follow Up (after several times refusing to charge the pike men because "they have pointy sticks").  Swordmastes and Giants both recoil after.
Ogres and Pike men battle it out.  Both sides score hits and...
Both sides fall back battered.  At this point a few more shots from both sides missile troops are exchanged but no further combat occurs.  The humans have one more unit in fighting shape (not battered with more than half its troops) than the monsters gaining a squeaker of a victory.  We'll have to try this one again.