Wednesday, December 29, 2021

CSS Arkansas 12th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (1)

 My first entry of this challenger is the "Doomed" Ironclad CSS Arkansas.  

She was started in Memphis but was incomplete at the time of Naval Battle of Memphis she was moved to the Yazoo River where she was completed in makeshift naval facilities. She was painted brown to help her hide along the Yazoo and Mississippi river banks.  

From the start her engine gave her trouble, though this didn't seem to hold her back at first. She successfully defended herself in her first battle against 2 Union Gun Boats and the Ram Queen of the West Causing damage damage to all three, and taking some hits herself. She then managed to slip through Admiral Farragut and the ships north of Vicksburg firing at all points. She did considerable damage to Farragut's fleet and the Admirals pride. She took some damager her self including some engine damage. 

She attempted to attack union motors ships bombarding Vicksburg but her engines failed and she had to fight off a counter attack by Farragut Fleet. Farragut withdrew from Vicksburg. Captain Brown of the Arkansas tried to repair his ships engines. She then attempted to assist the Confederate counter attack on Baton Rouge but she ran aground, and her engine broke as she got her self off and she ran aground again doomed in the face of the Union advance, she was scuttled and her final resting place a is under a Mississippi levy. She had a short but eventful career, one ship against two Union fleets, she was doomed from the start much like the Confederacy itself. 

The miniature is 3D print done by my friend Arofan (3D printers are like dogs the best ones are owned by friends), I believe East Coast Ironclads did the file. The intention was for her to be about 10mm scale to work (with some forced perspective) with 15mm troops she is 10 inches long, a shade under 2.25 inches in the beam and a smidge over 1 inch high (not counting her stack).  

I will call her a 15mm Vehicle for 8 points. 

Points 20 for Caprica. 


Welcome back to the Challenge Adam!

What a great mini and an apropos continuation of your work last year. I worked at an ACW museum in Mississippi in my salad days, and remember doing research on the CSS Arkansas for a larger project. What a colourful yet brutal history. May she have better luck in your upcoming games!

- Curt

Monday, December 20, 2021

Cornwallis's retreat

The intention is for this to be the First game of mini Campaign based off the Biscay Campaign of 1795.  Brunswick and Bellerophon decided they would rather fight than run in the face of a large French fleet.  

Brunswick was the focus of the French fire early one taking shots form no less an 4 french ships including the Flagship Peuple 

Tonnent Grappled the Bellerophon  an action joined by the Nestor and a savage battle ensured

Close action as the Brunswick is overwhelmed by a broad side from the French Flag and the Bellerophon fights on.
HMS Mars took on no less then 4 French ships holding its own for serval turns allowing the Royal Sovereign to escape. 

In the end the French Fleet is battered but two English ships are captured and a Third escapes. 

Friday, December 17, 2021

Plume and Blade Play Test

Arofan and I faced each other in  a play test of Kurt's Musketeer game.  Arofan had Rochefort and the Cardinals Guard. Rochefort and came straight at D'Artagnan but he managed to dodge and parry the attack. 
Aramis takes on on several Guardsmen wounding one. 
A multi sided brawl break out with Athos, D'Artagnan and Porthos facing Rochefort and two Guardsmen! D'Artagnan wounded Rochefort twice but Aramis was "render hors de combat" 
Rochefort is taken and the other guardsmen flee.  The game was great fun. 

Friday, December 10, 2021

State of the Fleets


The French Fleet has grown 2 1st Rates, 11 3rd Rates 5 5th Rate Frigates a Corvette and 3 Brigs.  All of the Ships of the Line can switch flags and two are painted in the Black with White of the US Navy (but also used by other Navies including the French and English).  Indeed one of the ships is the Tonnant from the British Ships of Renowned set.  
The Royal Navy 1 1st rate the Royal Sovereign, 7 3rd rates, 3 large 5th rate frigates and 3 small 5th rate frigates. 1 Brig, two cutters and a ship sloop. All of the 3rd rates can be reflagged to serve as French (or another Navy) giving me 18 3rd rates all together. Some reinforcement at planned over the course of the Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge.
Finally the United States Navy, I can call this one "complete" because I have all the major Historical ships of the period. All of the original six frigates, the Essex, I have to generic 5th rate frigates one that operates as the USS Boston and the other that moves it's identity between the New York and The Philadelphia.  

I've got plans to start painting up a small Spanish force over the course of the Painting Challenge. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Devil in the Wilderness

Last Saturday I met up with Dave and John at Midgard or a game of Devil in the Wilderness (Written by Dave)
I drew the Puritans the Mather Brothers and John Alden. 
John has the Natives and Rev. Boroughs 
John quickly recruited some Canadians Milice but 
I was able to turn them on him (good thing Cotton Mather speaks French) 
John did the same thing to the Militia in the Meeting house with Increase Mather... Mather some how managed to dodge and deflect their attacks!  
Milice attack witches... 
Then the werewolves start coming out 
a werewolf even help Increase Mather escape! 
John Managed to kill increase as one of his Native witches struck him down and raised him as a zombie. 
The game swung back and for but John ceased more objectives and had a slight edge.  John's AAR can be seen here: Devil in the Wilderness This was my first game of the final version of the rules. I did have a hand in the first play test in 2016 

Friday, December 3, 2021

French Ship of Renowned Argonaute

The last of the French Ships of Renowned the Argonaute.  To paraphrase a quote Renowned? Warlord keep using that word I don't think it means what you think it means!

Seriously this ship had a very limited career built in 1798 she took part in an expedition Saito-Domingo in 1802, which being during the Peace of Amiens meant no naval action was action. She then took part in the battle of Trafalgar, she did well enough there to actually escape but was too damaged to get out of Cadiz before the British could blockade the port. She was exchanged to the Spanish and seems to have dropped out of history.  I think I could come up with a few ships with more distinguished histories if Warlord does another box. 

The sword wielding angel figure head looks great and is my favorite feature of this ship.
There stern gallery of the ship is probably my least favorite of this set but still its quite nice and helps the ship stand out. I think it may be time to do anther State of the Fleets report.