Friday, September 16, 2016

Frostgrave: Witch Hunt in Salem

 Ah the quite sea side town of Salem Massachusetts some time before 1690.  Folks in the town have stolen Widow Bishop's book of spells, I mean herb-lore and she's gathered her family and friends to get it back. We are using troop types from both original Frosgrave and Dave's pirate version.
From left to right we have a Private of marines, infantry man, Widow Bishop's apprentice and an ordinary seaman.  The second party consisted of another Private of marines, the Widow Bishop herself, Lt. of Marines and a war hound.
to the far right of the bock house a thief and a second ordinary seaman.  There are two bands of self proclaimed "witch hunters"  who want to kill me and take my book to Boston for sale or destruction.  The locals aren't really happy that any of us are here.
Making my way up the center to the first treasure token my Irish retainer examines it and as its not a book or spirits leaves it alone.  My Ltm takes shot at the angry villagers (taking the place of monsters), killing one.
Turn two I drop all of fog to screen my troops

Getting in trouble with the locals and we determine the second token is not the book.
Lost my first man to the local wenches (and not the way you would expect).
Seriously why won't they just leave us alone...
William is having troubles of his own with the locals
Sailor and a drunken wench battle it out... or are they courting... its hard tot tell with the crapppy rolls on both sides.
I use the demon in a bottle potion to get some help to my thief
Mike bursts thorough the fog guns blasing and cuts down two of my soldiers... guess I won't be checking out that treasure token.
Still slap-fighting
My thief finds the book and widow Bishop  uses the Leap spell to vault him out the second story window and to her side.
Mike guns down my apprentices.
as my soldiers take up positions to cover my retreat with the book.
Still slap fighting but I was able to push her off this time.
Leaping the thief away again then the widow hides... Mike tries a hail marry shot with a -5 penalty and misses by a narrow margin.
A furious gun battle break out over the main street my men get the worse of it but they buy time...
sorry lass its not you its.... actually its you Bang! finally kill that crazy local gal.
My men are dropping and both Mike and Will will have multiple shots at me next turn... one of them is bound to get lucky.
The Widow Bishop  summons a wall of fog to cover her and the thief as they make off with book.  Two against one is tough, my tactics were excellent and my dice while average were really good on the rolls that counted (or good enough.. I boosted lots of spells over the course of the game) and I barely managed to get out with a win.  Only 4 of my original war band (of 10)were still alive at the end (and one of them would probably have been killed as he was facing odds of 5 to one.

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