Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Scenario for Fort Devens Game Day

I'm running a fictional battle I call the Battle of Grand Banks for the Fort Devens Museum Game Day It's an encounter in 1812 shortly after the war has been declared.   I am assuming both sides are more prepared for war than they were historically and a small fleet action results. 
Historically Commodore Rogers had a squadron of USS President, USS United States, USS Congress, USS Hornet, and USS Argus.  USS Constitution and USS Essex where supposed to join him but where delayed.   So I have assumed that had US official been a bit more war ready the Constitution and Essex could have joined him.  I've also swopped out USS Argus for USS Wasp  a slightly stronger ship. 
On the English side Commodore Brook's Squadron is based on the one that chased USS Constitution but with two significant reinforcements. HMS Revenge replaces HMS Africa giving the English a 74 in this prime rather than a worn out 64.  The English also have HMS Acasta and HMS Endymion two large frigates of similar age to the three big American Frigates (though not so so powerful).  Shannon (Brook's flagship), Aeolus, Belvidera, and Guerriere round out the Royal Navy fleet. 

Game day is Saturday 10/16/2021 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Black Seas: the French battle a Spanish and Danish fleet

 I had some medical appointments in the morning so I took a full day off and met John for a game of Black Seas.  John's ships had been stuck in Montreal because of covid so this was our first Black Seas game in a while.

John's fleet included three sturdy 5th rate frigates, two of which had extra Carronades as well. He also had a sturdy Sixth rate (Xebec) and a pair of Sturdy Brig's. Finally he had a Sturdy 1st rate with a Master Gunner and a veteran rating too! John also took a full load of upgrades for his ships (several were lucky and so forth)
My fleet had a sturdy first rate and three sturdy 3rd rates, with trained Marines. My force was rounded out with a pair of 5th rates both with the Sturdy and Steel lined hull upgrades. All of my ships where rated average. 

The game started well for me. John hit Bucentaur with two broadsides but I slipped between the Frigates and smashed both hard. 
A very cheeky brig hit Bucentaur and landed a critical taking me out of the fight for a bit as the crew focused on firefighting duties.
But Bucentaur 's consorts are closing I an Redoubtable sets the brig ablaze in it's turn. Off to a good start but John's Leviathan hasn't entered the fray yet.
One of the Spanish frigates ranging ahead of her 1st rate consort crosses the T of the Redoubtable.
L'Orient following in the wake of the burning Bucentaur smashes the Xebec and damages the Danish frigate forcing it to strike.
Redoubtable is in trouble raked by the Spanish Frigate the two ships then collided...
This left Redoubtable unable to return fire when the Spanish first rate comes along side 
Redoubtable is crushed by the Leviathan's fire sinking beneath the waves.
Agele and L'Orient fire on the Spanish 1sr rate. Agele is hit in turn it rudder shot away
The first rates circle each other exchanging fire. 
French and Spanish ship converge a Spanish brigs and a frigate fire into L'Orient but are taken down by French frigates.
John's Leviathan Raked by Bucentaur and hit again by L'Orient is driven to strike but her final broadside hits L'Orient's rudder and the ship runs aground on one of the islands. One Spanish Frigate escapes but there other ships have struck or sunk. I lost Redoubtable and L'Orient was reduced to 30 points John's veteran 1st rate almost turned the tide on its own. The game was great fun and look forward to more.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Fort Devens Game Day October 16 2021


Fort Devens Game Day October 16 2021

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Fort Devens Museum
94 Jackson Road, #305
Devens, MA 01434

Game: Tiger Hunt
GM: Bob Rioux
Game system: Bolt Action
Description: A US infantry force is tasked with destroying a German Tiger tank.

Game: French and Indian War Skirmish
GM: Peter Lowitt
Game System: Musket and Tomahawks
Description: The war between England and France leads to conflict in North America

Game: A Clash in 1870
GM Arofan Gregory
Game System: La Guerre a Outrance
Description: German forces are rushing across the boarder can Napoleon III stem the tide of their advance.

Game: The Naval Battle of Georges Bank
GM Adam Carriere
Game System: Black Seas
Description: The USN squares off with a British Squadron south east of Nantucket in the early days of the War of 1812. Will Britannia Rule the waves or will the fledgling USN stun the world?

Game: Epic Armageddon
GM Dave Susco
Game system: Epic 40K
Description: Eldar Battle the Imperial Guard in dark future.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Black Seas: HMS Royal Sovereign

 My Royal Navy fleet for Black Seas has been lacking a Flag Ship.  I have the HMS Tonnant and as an 80 gun ship of the line she can fill that roll but she just isn't capable of taking on something like l'Orient well Evelyn and Ariana took care of that on Father's day when they got me HMS Royal Sovereign.  It took me a while to get her finished but at last she is ready. 

The Royal Sovereign was laid down in January 1774 but wasn't completed until September of 1786.  This seems odd as the Royal Navy spent this period needing every ship it could find to counter the French, Spanish and Dutch fleets During the American Revolution.   I have been unable to fined any reason for this slow construction (by comparison Victory was completed in six years) 
A little more gold might be in order on here stern but over all I am please with how she came out. 
Her Hundred Gun broadside is ready for action.  Royal Sovereign  took part in the 1st of June as well as her celebrated role in the Battle of Trafalgar.  I have painted her in a fashion typical of ships of her typical of type at the time of the 1st of June. 
Her Figurehead is an English king presumably King George III.  My Royal Navy ships of the line now have a hard hitting 1st rate to lead them against the French. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

New England Tabletop Gaming Flea Market


Last weekend I got to go to this excellent event at the Polish American Hall in Uxbridge I picked up this box for a very reasonable price. 

One frame of Rohirrim infantry 
Two frames of Rohirrim cavalry 
Two frames of the Forgotten People or Dead from return of the king
Three of large orcs 
Two frames of small orc/goblins these should be great fodder for Age of Magic armies.
I also made a trade for some an Essex Arab warband which should work nicely for some Historical or Magic armies for Saga.  

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

USS Essex


The USS Essex was one of the most famous ships of the Early American Navy. She was one of the subscription ships built by citizens from Essex county Massachusetts.

She had a interesting armament with 30 or more carronades and a handful of 12 pounder long guns. She could deliver a devistatting punch at short range but was helpless against an opponent who stayed out of range.
Essex is best known for her pacific cruise hunting British Whalers until she was caught and taken into the Royal Navy. Essex's exploits inspired Patrick O'Brian's novel The Far Side of the World. 

Monday, September 6, 2021

Age of Sail Merchants


The merchant set from Warlord Games features a large and a small merchant. 

Both are resin with metal masts stun plate and figure head for customization. 

The designs are a little anachronistic especially the lanteen sails off the mizen mast. I some how lost the part for the lanteen so I had to improvise. I modernized the small Merchant with mast prices from an unused brig. Overall nice models.
I also have three schooners printed by Bob Rioux. They wider in the beam than the Warlord schooners so I think I will use them as merchants.
I will probably give them speed and hull stats like a Brig but armed as schooners. The fore-aft rig will help them with tacking making them different from both regular schooners and Brig's.