Monday, July 1, 2024

Perils and Princesses the Rosewood crown

 Evie and I played our second game Sunday with Connie and her mom Nicole.  Once again Nicole was the GM guiding us through the passages under a great tree. 

We found a set of double doors blocked by tree roots. The hall was lined with an intricate mosaic. Shatana (Evie's character) noticed the Rosewood Crown in the mosaic and decided to try touching it. The crown fell into her hands and the tree roots moved out of the way as if by magic.

Entering the room we saw the heart of the trees magic and a skeleton with the crown and a sword...
Shatana 's animal companion tried to grab the crown but couldn't before the skeleton (a wight) awoken and attacked. He tried to use fear magic on Shatana but she resisted. 

Lily (Connie's character) used her elemental magic to hurl a stone at the Wight while Shatana flailed at him with her staff.  I was having bad luck with my sword as I was still suffering from the effects of spider poison and took a bad hit. 

It was looking grim but I got lucky making a grab for the crown and to my surprise it worked.  My plan has been to just grab it then run... But to my surprise without the crown the Wight crumbled into dust. 

We returned the crown and got visits from our fairy godmothers (everyone has one) telling us we had done well and granting us some new abilities.

It was a lot of fun and I hope to introduce miniatures the next go round.

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