Friday, June 21, 2019

Wolfhounds and hound with two heads

I haven't had much time for painting but I've gotten in a little brush time Since Huzzah and these are some of the results. A two headed dog from Reaper Miniatures and 4 Gripping Beast wolfhounds.
One of many pieces from the Bones collection. I have no idea what he'll be used for but I'm very happy with how he came out. 
I did him in a very dark gray with two layers of lighter gray the last one being almost white. The fur look great, the model had great texture to work with 
As the picture at the top shows he's a very large dog towering over the wolfhounds.
Years ago I got a full set of wolfhounds but traded away some of them, I've regretted doing it since I started playing Saga (I had originally bought them as War hounds for Frostgrave)
I've painted them in similar fashion to the two haded dog except that the middle layer is light brown rather than a medium gray.  They should match my existing wolfhounds I should get a picture of them all together once I get rid of the snow basing on the original wolfhounds.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Saga Age of Magic: Undead

Thinking of an Undead army for Age of Magic.
This one is a bit tricky but my Necromancer from Frostgrave will make a fine Warlord/Necromancer.
His apprentice will make a fine Sorcerer Should I will shot use one.
The Grave Golum will make a fine Titan and I have pair of Vampires I will use as Flying Creatures.
For Hearth Guard I'm thinking two points one will consist of 4 Cultists with Heavy weapons and another will be the Barrow Wights form Games Workshop.  I'll take a point of Warriors 8 Frostgrave Cultists and then Two points of levies The mindless. I'll pull six of these to get a Dark Knight the Frost Wraith from Frostgrave.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Saga Age of Magic: Great Kingdom vs. Masters of Underearth

John and I tried out Age of Magic. We opted to not use any sorcerers so we could limit the new stuff we needed to keep track of.  We got a diagonal "confusion" set up from Book of Battles.  I used this army: Camulod
I drew first blood with fire on the goblins hiding in the woods.
My Cavalry got in a quick strike killing one "dark" dwarf hearth guard without loosing a man and then ran off with an extra activation. This scored me 3 points for getting troops within "M" of John's table edge
John's Scourge a deep one leaped into the air...
Coming down behind my troops scoring John the same 3 bonus points.
Sir Gawain a paladin made two moves to clash with the monstrous creature...
and to my surprise he actual won the battle
John began to press the action.. first his levy goblins took the tunnels up behind my Lines...
The other unit of goblin levies attacked my archers... to my surprise the archers actually held there ground! Closing fire and shield of bravery saved the day.
My Hearth Guards drove back the other unit of goblins.
My swordsmen warriors attacked and killed all but one man in a unit of dark dwarf hearth guard.
John hurt me badly with Chasm... we did it at the wrong time in the sequence... I lost my warlord and most of my cavalry.   (I would probably have been OK if we had done it right, Oh well)
Sir Bors attacked John's Deep one.  He managed to avoid most damage and drove off and exhausted the monster.
My archers managed to kill the creature!  That pretty much wrapped up the battle because the battle had run longer than expected.  John out pointed me 30 to 29 when we added every thing up.  I really enjoyed playing the new system, and this battle board.  The Great Kingdom is true combined arms force you need use you have a bit of every thing to make full use of the battle board.  I actualy won most of the Melee combats.  Levy troops are actually useful.  The Paladins are very tough when facing monsters.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Saga Age of Magic: The Great Kingdom "Camulod"

My second army for Age of Magic is for the Great Kingdom Camulod loosely based on a series of books by Jack Whyte  Its the Arthur Legend reimagined with Camelot as a final bastion of Rome (not the Real Roman Empire but its ideal).  Since this is an army based on the Knights of the round table its going to be hero heavy.

I haven't settled on a warlord yet but I have several option including the one above that should work well.
I'll be using Galahad from Footsore miniatures with his dragon banner as my captain.  He'd be a great option for a warlord too.
Tristain and Gawain will be my Paladins both are Footsore miniatures
Hearthguard for now I'll use Norman cavalry until I get something more Arthurian.  Right now I'm thinking a unit of mount troops and and on of infantry probably about 6 men each.
 Warriors my late Romans with spears and swords will form the back bone of my force. I'm spending 3 point here thought one of those point is being traded in for the paladins
Levies normally I keep levies to a minimum but the Great Kingdom's battle board has several shooting enhancements and only the levies(in the normal list) can shoot. So I am spending 2 points on archer. I'll trading in  6 of them to get my Captain but also because I have 16 archer so with 18 levies left over I can split them into two groups of 8 archers and an "officer" its probably not an optimal set up but it should work.  This is my low magic army.  I could swap out something to add Merlin or a Priest with "divine magic" to it but I think this will do well for now.