Friday, June 21, 2019

Wolfhounds and hound with two heads

I haven't had much time for painting but I've gotten in a little brush time Since Huzzah and these are some of the results. A two headed dog from Reaper Miniatures and 4 Gripping Beast wolfhounds.
One of many pieces from the Bones collection. I have no idea what he'll be used for but I'm very happy with how he came out. 
I did him in a very dark gray with two layers of lighter gray the last one being almost white. The fur look great, the model had great texture to work with 
As the picture at the top shows he's a very large dog towering over the wolfhounds.
Years ago I got a full set of wolfhounds but traded away some of them, I've regretted doing it since I started playing Saga (I had originally bought them as War hounds for Frostgrave)
I've painted them in similar fashion to the two haded dog except that the middle layer is light brown rather than a medium gray.  They should match my existing wolfhounds I should get a picture of them all together once I get rid of the snow basing on the original wolfhounds.