Sunday, June 14, 2020

Luckau 1813

My Friend Arofan hosted this game Thursday night. I commanded the Prussian and Russians. Mark had the French on the right and Chris the Saxons on the left.

It was a long and savage slugging match mostly at long ranges with artillery. 

I lost two unit early on and despite hammering several French units with artillery fire and cavalry strikes the French troops kept hanging on the battle field no matter how battered. 

My men after the first few bad break held well and kept trading blows. There was a French general who claimed it was insufficient to kill a Russian you also must knock him down. So, it proved tonight. 

The finally the French troops begin to fall back in exhaustion but not all of them dit was a frustrating (but fun) battle all around. My troops are in as bad a shape as the troops of the French Army. It’s a Draw. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Black Seas Quasi-War Catch the the Prize.

This is adjusted from the catch the prize scenario from the rule book.  USS President and USS United States each with a brig tender have been sent to rescue an agent who being taken back to France for interrogation.  I played the French Rob Burr ran the Americans. 

Seeing themselves between the hammer and the anvil the French go forward blazing away with both broadsides.  I get a lucky Critical Sail hit on the USS President.  The Surveillante the (second frigate in line) suffers a quarter deck critical.  

With the Serveilleante(which carries the prize) hit and unable to maneuver the Thetis turns to challenge the President with the help of one escorting corvette. The second corvette with another Quarter Deck hit gets very up-close and personal with USS United States.  

Fire goes back and fore in a savage exchange there are no less than seven critical hits on three ships. Three critical on the President.  

In a stunning feat of seamanship, the French corvette manages to thread the needle between two burning ships and then avoids colliding with the President!  

The USS President Breaks free of the Thetis (I failed to graple her) and the French corvette to cut behind the Surveillante and devastate her with a raking broadside.  

The USS United States sails up and boards the shattered ship (after avoiding a collision with the President. The crew are still stunned from the Presidents fire and surrender. 

Monday, June 8, 2020

Tom Mills

This is not one I have looked forward to writing and I have probably put it off as long as I should. On 5/23 my father-in-law Tomas Mills died. He had been battling Parkinson's Disease for years and went into a nursing home about two years ago. He was Covid positive but its unclear if this contributed to his death.
I met Tom when I started dating Ariana in 2009. I think it was for the 4th of July one of her family’s favorite holiday. The dad for whom no man is good enough for his daughter is a stereotype in our society, but Tom never made me feel unwelcome or unloved. Tom loved his family, good food and games he especially loved his Granddaughter Evelyn and I hope she has some memories of him. Ariana is having a hard time with this and that difficulty is exacerbated by the lack of the rituals of morning. I am having my own difficulties in this regard, but they are pale compared to hers. Your Prays and good wishes are welcomed and apricated. I'll add the his formal obituary when its available on line. 
Memorial contributions may be made to the MSPCA or the Parkinson’s Foundation

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Black Seas Assualt on the Barbary Coast 2

Saturday I was joined by my old friend Rob and my new friend Arofan for a slightly scaled down version of the same scenario from Wednesday night. Rob had the President and Chesapeake while Arofan and United States and Constellation.
Rob wanted to capture the Corsair frigate Crescent. The Corsair landed a hit on the President taking a damage from a return broad side with gundeck critical. Chesapeake hit her with her chase gun getting a crew hit critical.
Corsair ships are steaming out of the harbor taking shots at the USN as they try to escape. Three ships fire on Constellation but damage is minimal.
The Crescent slipped by the American frigates despite its damage it can’t fire this turn so running is its only option.
American broadsides smash brigs and badly damage one of the two Xebecs, the two fleets break past each other. One Brig and both Xebecs and the Crecent are able to escape.
The United States anchors, she and Chesapeake unleash broadside on the Martello Tower the damage is minimal. Chesapeake draws the Tower’s fire buying the United States a turn of reprieve (The united states had been drawing its fire all game). The President opens fire on the battery in the old fort and blast its to splinters.
Three American frigates begin unloading Marines and blasting shore batteries with fire. Once ashore the Marines make short work of the local troops and secure the batteries form the land ward side. The Chesapeake finally must abandon her chase of the Crescent as she drops over the horizon. A Significant victory for the American nave though not by a great a margin as the victory on Wednesday night.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Black Seas Assault on the Barbary Coast

This game was from Wednesday Night I've been busy with dad and husband stuff, so I haven't had a chance to write it up. I adjusted this scenario from the main rule book. The US Navy needs to anchor three ships in the harbor for two turns. They also need to stop at least half of the pirate ships form escaping for a major victory.

The United States Navy closes in on the Barbary corsair haven. Pirates scramble to get their ships out of harbor and out to sea. 
Mark and Dave in the USS President and United States lead the way engaging the Martello tower. The corsair frigate Crescent cuts across the stern of the United States but most of her guns miss. Franks ship Chesapeake moves to cut off the Crescent.

The action quickly becomes quite furious with Mark’s President cutting between two brigs (colliding with one) firing from both sides. A grappling effort fails. Dave in the United States blasts another corsair brig and lights it on fire. Frank in the Chesapeake blasts the Crescent with grapeshot and grapples the corsair frigate.

The President passes by the brigs and into the harbor and emergency anchoring maneuver stops her just shy of running around. She fires to port smashing the gun brigs, to starboard chipping at the masonry of the Martello tower and getting a lucky critical on the battery with his bow chaser. (gun ‘deck’ hit)
Further out to sea the corsair ships are running a gauntlet of American fire. The Xebecs and brigs get in a few good hits of there own but its an unequal contest. The Chesapeake secures the Crescent after a savage boarding action lasting two turns. Those corsairs refused to go easy.

Two Brigs and one of the Xebecs escape the US ships glide into the harbor suppressing the two batteries with fire. The Martello tower continues to fire but they do not have enough guns to sink all the targets. The USS President will need an extensive refit and the USS United States will also need repairs. The Chesapeake will probably need drafts from the other ships or US merchants as she suffered significant casualties in boarding the Crescent. Of the other US frigates only, Boston took significant damage.  A major American Victory.