Sunday, June 14, 2020

Luckau 1813

My Friend Arofan hosted this game Thursday night. I commanded the Prussian and Russians. Mark had the French on the right and Chris the Saxons on the left.

It was a long and savage slugging match mostly at long ranges with artillery. 

I lost two unit early on and despite hammering several French units with artillery fire and cavalry strikes the French troops kept hanging on the battle field no matter how battered. 

My men after the first few bad break held well and kept trading blows. There was a French general who claimed it was insufficient to kill a Russian you also must knock him down. So, it proved tonight. 

The finally the French troops begin to fall back in exhaustion but not all of them dit was a frustrating (but fun) battle all around. My troops are in as bad a shape as the troops of the French Army. It’s a Draw. 


  1. Ditto Ray; a great looking game. I loved the images from the computer screen.
    Historic stuff, or perhaps something that will become common place?!