Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Remote wargaming: Franco-Prussian War Spicheren

The games starts with the French holding positions near Stiring-Wendel and Forbach.
Prussians lead by Frank and Will begin to arrive.
Prussians press forward trying to take advantage of the disordered French unit on the hill.  The Zouaves defending town disorder. 
 The Prussian attach on the left is thrown back but the second unit is able to rally and deploy.
 French cavalry ride down an exposed Prussian infantry unit then fall back in the face of an infantry counterattack.  Fire drives the Prussian on the hill back.
A follow up cavalry charge is ineffective hurting but not destroying a second infantry unit. Prussian reinforcements begin to pour out of the woods. 
Fire drives the Prussians back of the hill but without doing serious damage.  
Prussian guns demoralize the troops in Forbach but they rally and drive back the first Prussian assault but cannot hold in the face of the second assault.  French Cavalry break a Prussian unit in a counterattack. The French troops in Stiring-Wendel are driven out. The French could occupy it but with our supply depot taken its time to fall back. Prussian losses were very high.  Arofan call it a draw I would say minor Prussian victory. 

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