Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanks for stopping by

I have been out of town but should have some new stuff for all of you tonight or tomorrow

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Stone "circle" WIP

Work in progress a stone "circle" to go with the standing stone.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Standing Stone, Scater terrain and to paint or not paint rocks.

 I've been thinking that a standing stone would be a great addition to my Frostgrave table so I have been gathering rocks on my lunch break walks and thought this one would work nicely
 I painted it black and then Dark German gray, followed by dry brushing in neutral gray and sky gray (Vallejo paints) I Think the effect I got worked well.  Then a circle of aquarium gravel some army painter tufts and snow flock.
 There is a cure to the stone but if anything that just makes it look cooler to me.
 So in this case I painted the rock but I sometimes think that is silly so I did this piece of scatter terrain as a test..
 The rocks here are not painted (I wish I had painted the wood, oops) but with the Lamax bricks it looks like a bit of road or plaza that has been buried under stones
 They don't look much like rubble its true but they could be great stones thrown here by frost giants or tossed by the magical storms or battles.  So what do people think should I paint stones or leave them au natural.

Two Level Frostgrave Building

 So this piece became sore to a test bed so I could see how various approaches worked as I built it.  I wanted some more terrain with height for frostgrave to cut down on the Archer takes the high ground factor that has played in a number of games. Here you can see I used stones again to look like the top of a field stone basement.
 I then used match sticks to create a timber frame and added spackle to create a stucco effect.  I would use more patch sticks next time and I should have put in some diagonal ones.  Still the technique seems to have worked... we will see how well it holds up.
 In this case I used a knife to make cuts and peal away parts of the paper covering the foam core. This created made it look like the exterior wall had crumbled revealing the stones behind it.   I like the look but I would have left more paper the bottom the crumbling pattern doesn't really look right
 I left one wall open and filled it with a lot of rubble were the roof an fallen in.  the rubble is packed in tight so figures should be able to stand with little difficulty.
Then a liberal application of snow flock. The end result is a building that looks a bit odd but several people in my gaming group really like it.   Its not my best work but I learned a lot building it and I have a functional piece of terrain so its a win

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Flames of War Items for Sale

So I have decided to list a number of items Ebay for sale So check out Fencingfrog1776 on ebay for these cool items
 This objective marker Bidding starts at $5.00
 Some fortification they don't quite work for flames of War but thy could be handy in some other game Bidding starts at $5.00
 A fine platoon of US infantry a real bargain at the minimum bid of $15.00
A platoon of german motorcycle troops the Bidding Starts at $20.00
 Two german Snipers biding at $5.00 for each of them
 two separate listings
Another US infantry Platoon these bases are sub par but the figures are my normal standard a greet deal at $10.00 All items have buy it now prices a bit above the starting bid.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Wrath of the Lizard Mage

Mike and I decided to play a standard scenario. Mike has a new war band (I want to say his wizard is 7th level, mine is 20th).  Gone is the old Sigilist war band now he's got a Lizardman witch thing going on.
I start the game gabby tokens with Telekinesis as Thinneth drops the token at the feet of one of my halflings.
We see sinister looking creatures covered in scales skittering toward us..
And one large cat headed creature... (demon in a bottle)
App Rosser is on the move with his bear escort.
The lizard apprentice is moving up as well, glimpsed through the ruined columns...
The apprentice drops fog.. Mike has learned to fear my skilled archers
Mike has initiative (every turn bu the first one!) and his men are moving up.
I cast Grenade and Lucian uses his explosive cocktail but we both miss.. no damage is done... I Caltha Harfoot just barely manages to shrug off a mind control spell
My archer shoots the lizard at arms..
Then Bumby and Miska move up to engage... Bumby is savagely stabbed by the lizard and has but one hit point left
App Rosser says get over here treasure with Telekinesis...
Looks like this guy want a piece of Aelric
But I manage to avoid him..
I also stick an arrow in the lizard apprentice...
Things are looking good...
The the Lizard wizard (say that 5 times fast) strikes down my apprentice with elemental bolt
We mob the lizard at arms (after Thinneth casts strength)
Lizarad troops are on the way...
Miska runs interference...
While Thinneth deals with the vile lizard
Bumby despite his injuries joins miska and the lizard soldier is sent Back ..
My attempt to shoot the wizard fails...
And fist Lucian and then a turn later Raul is killed by the wizards elemental bots... I killed one more lizard, lost my dog and failed to get the wizard and apprentice with a grenade spell.. At this point the last token is declared off the table (it wasn't but it was close and both mike and I want The bleeding to stop). This was a savage battle and both of us lost several soldiers.  Miska, Raul and App Rosser are permanently dead by the last is revived by the elixir of life.  Lucian come back to the hide out after hiding in a hole the snow for several hours... Thinneth was very please to see her old battle companion.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Living Museam

Though its not yet in its final form Sandy and I deiced to do the living museum scenario from the Frostgrave books (still waiting on my Licht Lord package!)
The Museam Provides a good view for both sides as its an open area... not entirely open but We are already in line of sight.
The Evil mouse wizard with some of his cohorts.
Lucian the rabbit ranger takes aim and takes down the mousling wizards dog.
The mousling have the cheese.. I mean the treasure and statues are coming to life.
My apprentice is moving on his side and has grab on token with Telekinesis and drops it not the hands of the halfing Caltha Harfoot...
Arrows fly back and forth across the museum.
The Bear vs. The Berserker statue.  Bumby (the Bear) is fighting well.
I've gotten lucky and statues are waking on Sandy's side of the board.
The Mouslings start throwing elemental bolts at stues...
My Archer switch targets to take aim at the statues as the game starts to resemble a Ray Harryhausen film.
The mouslings are also fighting against the statues and...
Having some success...
We are all battling statues the two war bands almost ignoring each other...
More move in...
My wizard battles a statue but backs away so I can keep casing spells
The Moulsing Barbarian faces off with one of the two remaining statues....
and down it goes... Sandy's boys are heading for the exits and mine are headed that way too... the game ends as I get off my 4th token the last on table... it was still early so Mike and made some changes to the table...
and prepared for another trip into the Ruins of Frostgrave.