Friday, December 28, 2018

Mama Bear and Cub. 1st Post for th AHPC IX.

My first offering for the 9th Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge is a Christmas Ornament I made for my wife. We have a tradition of exchanging ornaments and I try to make mine each year.
The miniature is from Bad Squiddo and was part of Kickstarter earlier this year.  Annie produces excellent miniatures as I'm sure you all know.
The idea for this ornament came to me as soon as I spotted this piece. I added the cubs's hat for a holiday touch.  I just need to add the string to hang it from the tree (I drilled a hole between the mother and cub).
I think the fur came out well I find fur a challenge but I think I'm getting better at it. For points I think it's fair to call this a 25mm cavalry figure netting me 10 points.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Ornaments for the Grandparents

I did these up for Evelyn's grandparents as Christmas gifts.   They are laser cut wood from AC Moore. I'm pleased with the results and hope that they will be as well. The photo is from last year since we haven't gotten any proper Christmas photos of Evelyn this year. The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge starts today go check out the first entry here: AHPC: IX

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Masumi, Demon Hunter

Another example Bones miniature I'm finally getting off by table.  I'm very happy with the shading on her skin but the cloth came out less well.
The Flash washes out some of the dept especially on the yellow.
The more distant shot doesn't look as washed out. I need to find a new place to get photos as the lighting here seems to washout the miniatures some.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


This year Curt is holding the Winter Painting contest again.  I'm mostly doing 25mm stuff this year. The plan is to build a more or less complete Saga/Lion Rampant army that can serve as either Normans or as Crusaders.  I'm also looking flesh out a long held off program of building a Late Roman or Romano-Briton using a box of miniatures I got using a gift card my old roommate Rob got me my Birthday.

I've entered a Lion Rampant side duel.  I'll be using the Norman/Crusader troops for this.  I'm aiming for 750 point and if I get everything painted that I have planned I should be able to get something like 850 points.

There are several Bonus rounds.

  • Reconnaissance' (submission deadline Saturday, January 5th / displayed January 6th / voting results January 13th) 
  • 'Sport' (submission deadline Saturday, January 19th / displayed January 20th / voting results 27th) 
  • 'Mercenary' (submission deadline Saturday, Feb 2nd / displayed Feb 3rd / voting results 
  • Feb 10th) 
  • 'Water Feature' (submission deadline Saturday, Feb 16th / displayed Feb 17th / voting results Feb 24th) 
  • 'Fellowship' (submission deadline Saturday, March 2nd / displayed March 3rd / voting results March 10th)

My concern for the Side duel is I was planning to use figures from my Norman/Crusader program for three of the six the.  I'll have to see how quickly my opponent Bill and any one who joins is proceeding. I've got an alternative for one of the Bonus rounds so we shall see.