Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maurice armies.

An anticipation of a up coming Succession war campaign one of the participants (Jon of Wargaming Recon) asked me to provide design an army for him to run. So I have the golden opportunity of building my enemies army!(or he could be my Allie as sides are not picked yet)  Well to help keep my self honest I honest I have built him three option I would love feed back.

Jon has a basic but not a detailed knowledge of the 18th century and has only played Maurice once (and does no have the rule book, yet).  Jon also feels he has issues handling cavalry properly so he asked for the following of his army "Something basic and straightforward with a defensive inclination is probably best.  Light on the cavalry, heavy on the durable infantry and artillery."

So Option 1 probably the most balanced army in the group.

This is force has a bit of every thing it should defend well and has the ability attack.  It also has enough Cavalry that Jon has the opportunity to try using that arm.

Option 2 Is sort of based on how I might do the Continental Army for Maurice.
Jon probably knows the Revolutionary War Army best of all armies in the period so why not give him an army based on something familiar. This is a good mix of good and poor infantry, and lots of irregulars. Feudal will lets him count these guys toward his Route level and this army actually has the highest route level.  Skirmishers gives the irregular infantry a better range and all irregulars a chance to evade. All cavalry is Irregular so Jon doesn't have to deal with that arm he can just have them cover a flank. He'll also win a lot of scouting rolls so he can choose to defend a lot of the time.

Finally Option 3 This is something of a Prussian option.

Lots of good infantry and enough cavalry to keep the other man honest Cadence and Professional train will help the infantry and Artillery get in to position to attack.  One might swap Artillery Academy for Oblique sacrificing some defensive fire power for more nimble army. 

I like all three of these armies. Option 1 is close to what I am doing for D'Argent.


I wanted an army more balanced for attack and defense and I sacrifice Rout level and long range punch in order to get Rally to the Color and Lethal Volleys which I hope will allow me to grind my enemies down in a musket dual.  The above is not final but I am happy with it.

Please let me know what you think of these.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Game Castle Early War FOW and others.

 It was a busy night at game Castle. With Flames of Wat, Maulifaux and 40k all being played.
Robin and Ted Playing Maulifaux
 I do not know Maulifaux well enough to describe the action but Robin and his Necro-pimp and undead whores seemed to be doing well.
 Robin has a painting class he is runnig on 3/9/2013 he has a lot of tricks to teach.
 Mean While British...
 and German armor where lined up to do battle.
 Another Peaceful European Village is about to go to hell.
 Ted is running an early war panzer list while Rob has the BAR  (British Armored Regiment)
 The RAF has its first Ace of the War as Rob's air interceptors stop Ted's Stukas 5 out of six time.
 Rob had some luck early on getting one of Ted's Moterized 88s
 and some panzer Is.
 Ted's efforts to get Rob's infantry was also unsuccessful.  Rob mean while did looses one platoon of Matilda A11s.

 But Ted lost his 2IC
 And another Panzer I.
 Ted starts to get his own back wiping out this platoon in assault and Destroying Rob's 25 pounder battery with a pincer movement (no pictures possibly because I was preoccupied with helping with the ass ult rules.
 Rob made his final push with his Matildas the 8.8 got one...
And Ted's infantry who have been hiding in the village tank another breaking the platoon and Rob's army.

Regiment Marini

Originally this regiment had another name I have changed it to Regiment Marini. I had originally said the black cuffs were in honor of the heroic death of the  regiments much honored first Corneal and this is still true.  The Regiment had Buff facings (the waist coat is still buff) but these have been died black in honor of Corneal Marini.
 Frank Marini was the man I had in mind when imagining that that Corneal and I have decided the regiment should carry his name.  Frank was the Porteur Drapeau of regiment Saintonge for many years and a real life hero who served with the US Marines in Korea and won a Navy Cross.  He was also one of the nicest men I have ever known.   For this reason Regiment Marini will carry the Colors of Regiment Saintonge.

Frank were ever you are Regiment Saintonge misses you.

Monday, February 25, 2013

AWI Militia.

 These are Old Glory 15s miniatures from my bitz box.
 I decided to paint them up and offer them for sale on eBay.
 They were photographed in progress. They have since gotten treeted to a layer of Gloss Coat and another wash.
 If the weather cooperates the Dull Coat layer will go on tonight and they will be ready for sale.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Chasseurs de Montagnes

 D'Argent has a number of out mountainous regions on its boarders that must be watched and policed.  The Chasseurs De Montagnes fulfill that roll.
 In peace time they act as a boarder guard and police force keeping law and order in the highland regions. in time of war the act as skirmishers and guides for the army.
 Note the Drummer has a white bonnet so his officers can find him quickly communication by drum being essential on the battle field especially for irregulars.
 I dressed the base with some aquarium gravel I may need to give it a wash to provide a bit more texture as these are
 These are Bluemoon Figures and the detail on them is awesome I really love the casting. These are dismounted French Dragoons from their Marlburian line
The lace on the front of the coats is a good example, it was easy because the lace was so well sculpted. Just a light stoke with the brush and its all set.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

More pictures form Game Castle and a plug

Tuesday night was jumping at Game Castle they have done a nice job cleaning the place up and a lot of people were in playing.

 One of those games was Robin and Adam playing Hordes (correct me if I am wrong Robin) The game was in progress when I arrived so I got some pictures.
 Robin's albino Alligator men look really cool I love the skin texture he was able to make.
Robin has a small company 3+ Painting and he is running a class on March 9th. Price of admission is the purchase of a blister at The Game Castle. You do not have to paint the blister you buy that day.
This was one of Adam figures reminds me of some thing form an Anime giant robot series.
Game Castle also had a 40K league underway but as they were playing at the same time I was I did not get any pictures.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ironclads at Game Castle

 The Yankee Fleet steams into range of the Confederate in line a breast (both Bob and I would have preferred to be in line ahead but the rules don't really facilitate it)
 Rebel commanders Ted, Rich and Rob raise steam and prepare to sally forth.  The Yankees are trying to land troops on the headland to take the forts from behind. 
 The Lead US Iron Clad opens fire followed quickly by the rest of the fleet.
 My Flag ship the USS Essex scores the first of her many hits in the battle lighting one of Teds Ironclads on fire.
 The melee quickly becomes general with hits exchanged on both sides.
 Ted realizes we have been doing some thing wrong for several turns (who knew you needed to read the book!)
 Bob's Flagship New Iron-sides steams into the center of the Confederate navy formation guns blazing.
 US Transports try to defend them selves form confederate spar torpedo craft.

 USS Katadin is on Fire
 Now we are at close range and ships begin to take serious damage.
 Rich successfully rams a US monitor but is unable to sink it.
 One spar torpedo hurts the USS Lexington but...
 the second fails to explode!
USS Essex My flagship steams in behind New Iron-sides guns blazing as we run out of time at the store.  This one was a good long way from being finished. it was probably a marginal CSA victory as one of our two Transports was badly hurt.  I might have slipped the Milwaukee through  if it took rich too much time to finish of the Lexington. Other wise the Rebels would have stopped our attack tough at a serious cost to both fleets. The CSN lost one ship out right and had 2-3 in a heavily damaged sate. The USN was about to lose the Katadin and probably the Lexington was not far behind and two other ship were damage as well.  A good game even if the winner was not entirely clear. Some close in shots of Bob's ships.

Evil little buggers.