Friday, March 30, 2012

Red and Gray Battle 1 Guards Vs Fallschirmjager

 Eric Fielded his Russian Guards Heavy tank for out for spin against my Fallschirmjagers.  Eric has had two platoons on of 3 IS-2s and one of Katusha Rocket launchers with motorized AA guns attached, his HQ was also mounted in an IS-2.  I was not happy to see these monsters coming at me. 

On my side I had two platoon of Falschimjagers, a platoon of Luftwaffe Heavy AA (reluctant trained 88s) and a platoon of 4 Marders. I realized this morning that snapped no pictures of  my own troops!  I had one Jager Platoon on the left then the 88s and the second Jager platoon in the center with the Marders holding my right.

Eric moved forward on my right snapping shots at long range while my Jagers on the left dug holes furiously... or not only the AAs dug in on turn 1.  Eric killed on Marder with a rocket salvo (check out the cool rocket markers).

I moved forward on my right with one Jager platoon and the Marders, hoping the troops on the left could hold. I got two shots at Erics Rockets but he took the hits on his  AA guns this kept him shooting with the rockets but gave him almost no direct fire on that side.

Eric's tanks made there way forward slowly on the left My 88s did kill one but he got some of my infantry as well.  I doubled the other Jager platoon on the right and Eric it it with his rockets he scored a lot of hits but I made all my saves though he did bail a Marder (I was now down to two marders one of which was bailed prompting platoon moral check which I was fortunate to pass.)

Eric launched two assaults one with his HQ and the other with his IS-2 platoons the first was successful putting him in place to contest the objective  the other was bloody fight killing all but two of my Jagers and the 2iC  but Eric lost both IS2s and I was able to keep my men in potion to contest the objective. 

On my turn I had my Jagers assault his Rocket and took his objective. My two Marders were also doubling it over to deal with the IS-2 (yeah like they would have a chance!)

Eric Launched another assault and drove me off my objective, but since I got to his half a turn earlier I got the win. A very close and fun game and the result felt more like a draw(or a Mexican Stand off) then a win.

At the other table Don makes pretty fires with Domenico's British tanks.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thank you Readers

Since December the blog seen its readership increase from a previous high of 250 views a month to a sustained high of 500 or more views each month.  I would like to thank all of you who have shared this blog with your friends and fellow gamers for the attention you have brought my humble little piece of the Internet.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Newberyport MA

My Girl friend Ariana and I took a trip to Newberyport this week.  While not strictly Wargame or reenacting related I though some pictures I took of some hold houses might be inspiration for modelers out there.  These three homes are all from the period 1740-1790 so they should work for Revolutionary war or French and Indian war.  I cannot speak of authenticity of these colors (love that blue but I don't know how historically correct it is) but all three building look original to my inexpert eye with minimal additions over the years. Also of interest was the Piel Craftsmen shop a must visit location for any one who likes model ships. Visit them on the web at

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Demo Game for new player

 We had a new player, Domingo, come by on Thursday night and since we had some warning Gordon had asked me to have Two demo forces so we could show what this Flames of War thing was all about.  On AJ's advised I had two "armored" forces at 600 points each.  The German force was my German Mitller Panzer force from the Escalation League, HQ Panzer IV Platoon of two tanks and a light panzer force of 2 Panzer IIs and One Panzer I.  For the French I had an Escadron de Reconnaissance with a Panhard HQ and two platoons of 5 Panhard armord cars and a platoon of H39 Hotchkiss Tanks.

Domingo picked the French and used them quite aggressively(starting with his recon move) sending one platoon toward the objective on the left and another on the right .  I tried to slip my light panzer up the middle to put pressure on his objectives but good shooting by Domingo had one Panzer II and one Panzer IV Bailed and I decide I needed to try and concentrate fire.  I did get on Panhard and bailed one or two more but Domingo wipe out my light Panzer platoon and brought in his H39s on my fight giving me two threats and only three tanks to deal with them. 

Most of the French vehicles were still on the board so my situation looked really grim.  At this point my luck with the shooting dice finally turned and my Panzer IV platoon was able to kill one platoon of Panhards in shoot out that lasted several turns. I was bailed a few times but Domingo couldn't seem to make a fire power roll of 5+.
 My Panzer IVs then turned on the H39 which Domingo had carefully moved into position for flank shots.  I was able to move to get my front armor in line and then a classic early war tank battle occurred.  By which I mean lots of hits, but very few armor penetration and even fewer successful firepower rolls.

On the other side my Company commander was using a combination of carefully timed moves, and a lucky streak of storm trooper moves to shoot at the second platoon of Panhards while mover so that at least some of these would have to move to get clear shots. I was bailed several times but always managed to get back in.  Finally I brought over a second Panzer IV and was able to kill or bail several Panhards.  At this point with more than 6 turns played(probably about 8 actually) and with Demingo needing to go we called the game a draw.

This was definitely still any ones game Domingo had 4 panhards and two H39s on the board against my three Panzer IVs. French had the advantage in numbers but the Germans were all Vets and had a definite edge in maneuver though I was more or less pinned to the objectives at this point limiting the utility of my edge in maneuver. 

Great game Domingo hope we see you again.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Saintonge and Saint Patick.

Steven, Adam A, Brian Adam (Fencing Frog) C. and Dana in Ranks. Will/Ellie with the colors.
Those who know me know that in addition to the war gaming featured here I also am a passionate reenector. My group Regiment Saintonge interpenetrates one of the French regiments dispatched by King Louis XVI to America under General Compte de Rochambeau.  Reenacting is not a cheep hobby groups need money for insurance, food, powder and uniforms. There are two options be wealthy enough to pay for it all out of pocket or raise money as a group. Parades are the easiest paid gigs for reenactors to find so we do several of them each year. My friends in the regiment know I hate parades... they also know they can count on me to do three of the four parades we do each year.  Of these my least favorite is the south Boston St. Patrick's/Evacuation day parade. A 4.5 mile march through south Boston/Dorchester Hights though crowds of crazy drunks.
Steven, Adam A, Brian and Adam (Fencing Frog) C.

This year with the weather was fine and one would think this would make things better but all involved agree this was the most arduous parade march we have done in years. From the late step off to the 20ish minute standstill after traveling a few hundred yards, to the stops start pace that was worse than usual.  The final blow as to turning the corner at the "end" of the parade and seeing the route had been extended by several hundred feet! (OK I am whining a bit here but you had to be there to understand)   Still the crowed seemed to like us and the muskets held up giving volley after volley as we marched along. We also got to march behind Middlesex 4H Fife and Drum Corps so at least we didn't have some distracting polka or Jazz band throwing off our drummer and step. (Just try marching to jazz some time I dare you!)

This may not sound like a ringing endorsement of the hobby but trust me a reenactment weekend is well worth a few parades.  Though I am glad I have 364 days or so before I do this one again.  I do appreciate  the many people at the end of the parade who thanked us for marching and/or encouraged us down the final stretch. Special Thank you to Ellie's Husband Carl and her son-in-law (who name I must apologize for forgetting) for the subs and cold sodas at the end.  Vive l'Roi et Saintonge.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Game Night Angles 20

With the escalation league complete and and the Red and Grey league yet to get rolling Don and I engaged in two games of Angles 20 by Axis and Allies. One force consisted of three F4F Wildcats an airplane I have always been fond of since playing Wings of Fury way back in the late 80s(yes the airplane there is the improved F6F Hell Cat but the look is almost identical).  On the other side were two A6M 'Zero' fighters and one Ki-61 'Tony' Fighter. In theory both forces were closely balanced but each game was a lopsided Victory for the US fighters.  The Zero with its armor of 2 and only to 2 hit points were too easy to hit even at range. Adding rules might have helped even things up but I'm not sure.  Still Don and I both had fun.

After Chris and Gordon had a game with Commandos vs. Heavy Panzers I did not see the end but it did not look good for Chris and the Commandos.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Irish Brigade on Parade (Happy St. Patricks day)

Given my mothers name is Sullivan its not surprise that I have a fondness to the Irish in my armies. So in Honor of the holiday I figured I would do a little write up on the Irish Warriors of my 15mm armies. First Up are the French. From 1689 to 1745 there was a steady flow of Irish recruits to the French army.  See:

Cavalry Regiment Fitz-James
Regiment Clair/Wash

Regiment Buckly

Regiment Berwick

Regiment Dillion
 Given that they 'owned' Ireland the English had a lot of Irish in thier army but relatively few Irish regiments in this period.
The Royal Irish Artilery

Irish Dragoons

Naples also had its share of Irish troops as in the example below that was from Spanish Servies and became the guard battalion of the Queen of Naples.
Regina Regiment
Finally we have the 19th Prussian Regiment. Not technically an 'Irish' Regiment but according to Christopher Duffy it had a high proportion of Irish troops.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Games and Prizes Part 2 (Free French Speed Bump II)

 Ted arrived about 8:00 PM with his Early War Germans, a light tank hoard from the Blitzkrieg book with two bunker, flacks, four self propped AA guns and a pair of 100mm Howitzers, on top of that he had air support!  

My Free French force had the fort! Four platoons of infantry, a platoon of HMGS, a platoon of two 81mm mortars, a Free French AT gun platoon, my two gun mountain battery, a par of 20mm AA portees and one Combat Recon platoon.

Honestly I thought I was in good shape, two objective near the fort and a lot of mobile assets to put pressure on Teds objectives... With delayed reserves I had to start with half my troops off the board.  I deployed the Mountain guns and an infantry platoon with two HMGs and a 60mm mortar attached in the fort and another platoon and the 81 mm Mortors along the road outside the fort. The rest of my force was delayed..

I move the platoon out side the fort forward to spread them out a bit, I should have dug them in.  on his second turn Ted got a tank platoon in range and lot loose with 17 MG shot! He also did some damage the boys int he fort with his air support. It was one of those games were I just could not make a saving throw.   Ted even killed my CiC.

With losses mounting I tried to move troops out to contest the objective but with Ted's troops ariving an my staying off board I was in trouble quick.

My mountain guns did knock out several panzer but with on Infantry platoon down and another blow half strength I was in serious trouble.Ted lauched an assult and killed my mortars and infantry in ranged. gun shots and air strikes took out ever one except the 2iC who move in to contest the objecive.
All By may self...

Finaly my recon troops arrive but not close enough to help me.
Ted mechined gun my 2ic to death then bomed by trucks.. I only lost one but they could not get close enough to contest the object... not that it matters I was below half on the table and had no who could make the company moral test.

Good game Ted.

On the Bright side I won the last random draw and high school prizes for the last round of the Escalation league.

$75.00 in free stuff from Adler Hobby and Battle Front! Got to Love this!

Games and prizes Part 1

By any standard last night was a great night of gaming at Adler Hobby.  I claimed the desart fort as my prize for painting two 1500 Point armies in the escalation league.  I have wanted this since it came out and free was the prefect price!

I had some great fun watching Gordon and Eric play "whats in the box" opening new Hero Clix Startreck ships.  Gordon is doing Klingon and Eric is doing Federation so they were trading back and forth.
I got in on the plastic action by picking up the Angles 20 starter set from Axis and Allies. You get a Spitfire, 2 Hurricanes, 2 ME-109s and a BF-110 along with tokens, a full set of game cards, two maps and a rule book, not a bad deal for about forty bucks.  The planes are all the same scale as Battle Front so they can be used for air support in Flames of War too! Gordon and I did a quick demo game with may Spirfire  flaming his Ace Me-109 in the first fire phase.  The game plays quick and its should be a quick pick up for any one who enjoyed Axis and Allies War at Sea
Erica and Chris go in a game with Eric Rolled out his new Russian tanks against Chris' late war Poles.  Looked like a fun game Chris was helping teach Eric and he went.

The game ended when Chris managed to bail two IS-2 in an assault.