Thursday, September 29, 2022

HMS Mars

It's no secret I have taken issue with Warlords choice of "Renowned" ships but they got it right with HMS Mars 

She took part in Cornwallis Retreat in 1795. In 1798 she had a famous single ship action with the French 74 Hercule. See: Battle of the Raz de Sein She also took part in the Spithead Mutiny. 
I decided to take a little artistic license and paint a ship named Mars red. I can find 0 historical evidence for this (infact she seems to have had the standard yellow but that's no fun) but I like how it looks.
Like all Warlord selections Mars saw action at Trafalgar engaging multiple French and Spanish ships.


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

English First Rate

With the Royal Navy box set I have an excellent English 1st rate.

I plan to use this ship as Royal George or Queen Charlotte which where near sister ships. 

Her stern is glorious a mix of yellow, gold, white and skyblue for the glass.
I kept the "figure head" a generic scroll work but it's still quite striking. I'm looking forward to doing a big fleet action with at least two English and two French 100+ gunships (possibly some Spanish too) 

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Yankees Corsairs and Frogs at Hobby Bunker

Its 1800 and United States are at war with the French and the Barbary Corsairs. Sailing a gauntlet of Privateers in the Mediterranean to get as many merchants home as possible. The Corsairs attack the front of the convoy from the south.
The French attacked the rear of the convoy from the North. This French Frigate slipped passed the escorts but was unable to grapple.
The Corsairs attack in force  swarming the leed merchant despite the effort of the USS Congress and Boston. 
The Corsairs took a merchant and a Navy schooner...
And then boarded a second merchant which is quickly overwhelmed.
The French ships are beaten back with large amounts of damage. The Corsairs lose one Xebec and have several other damaged but take two merchant's giving them a minor victory.