Friday, November 30, 2012

Regiment du Coudray

Another regiment joins the growing army of D'Argent. Regiment Du Coudray.

 Du Coudray was formed by Huguenots driven by persecution from France. While D'Argent is an enlightened country that accepts all religions the many Protestants feel more comfortable serving in this regiment because of this tradition.

 I realty like how this wash is showing up on the gray paint.  It provides depth and shade without looking filthy.
De Burre, Capa-Faro, Fabris and Du Coudray marching to battle.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flames of War Tank Aces at The Whiz

Two Day Event - Sunday, Dec. 9th (11 AM) and Saturday, Dec. 15th.(11 AM)
$10 - Entry Fee to cover

Tank Aces is an FOW campaign game from "Blood, Guts and Glory". The campaign consists of three rounds along with a final "Total War" game. The first two rounds will occur on the 9th, and the final round and "Total War" game will happen on the the 15th. The campaign escalates through three points stages: 500 pts (2 games), 700 pts, and 900 pts. Players may choose any late war tank list, but must use the same army list through out the campaign.

The first two rounds (500 and 700 pts.) are played using the "Scrape Yard" Mission. In this mission need only take HQ, combat or weapons platoons, and you need not have all of the required platoons. You must only take tank teams from the platoons you purchase. You may not take special characters or Tiger Ace skills. The teams in your army will all operate as independent warrior teams.

The third round (900 pts.) is normal scenario and all the requirements for your forces apply, though you still may only field tank teams. (The 900 point total with required units may be the most restrictive.) Through out the campaign you Tank Ace acts as your company command. As you play games your Tank Ace earns experience points which they can use to gain skills. The skills are listed in "Blood, Guts and Glory". Players involved in the total war battle will field a 900 point list along with their Tank Ace with all his acquired skills. The top Axis and Allied player will command each side.

Please direct questions to Nick Gross,

Notables for Maurice

I figure the Grand Duchy of D'Argent needs a few notable of its own I put these forward for your consideration(these are also posted on the Honor Forum so I can get feed back):

Sir Robert de Burre:  An English exile of Norman background and friend of the Duke. Sir Robert is capable officer who trains his men well he is a master of battlefield maneuver.

Social Rank 2, Hazard 10, Instinct: March

Aelric:  a mysterious figure said to be an orphan who saved the Duke's life and made his fortune. Alric is out of place in court society and stays in the back ground. Aelric is not constrained by the same rules that govern the conduct of gentlemen.

Irregular infantry:  If Aelric is commanding irregular infantry and targets a unit with a notable he may force that noble to make a hazard test rather then roll to disrupt. 

Social Rank 1, Hazard 9

Barron Triggs: D'Argent's ambassador to the Holly Roman Empire. The Baron is more of a diplomat then a soldier though his connections make him a capable chief of staff and he is also a master of propaganda.   When commanding in the field he is careful and looks after his men.

If used as a chief of staff Barron Trigg's connections allow him to recruit an extra mercenary unit to serve with the army if he is the attacker and provides his commander with an extra Epic Point if his side is defending.

Social Rank 3, Hazard 11, Instinct Rally

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tank Ace Turn 3 game 1 and some "for fun" games

Most of the guys were playing Bolt Action, I have no interest in painting any more 28mm figures though I really do need to give that game a try at some point.
Bob, Ted, and Tim set up for Bolt Action.

Don and I set up a Tank ace game at 900 points with Luke as my able lieutenant. 
 Don set up for a fast and furious game with a T34 charge!
 We got lucky and killed Don's SU-152 (I think that was what the monster was) but then his tank ace jumped into a T-34 to continue the fight.
 He quickly killed bunch of my StuGs and sent the survivors running for the rear.I had just enough fire power to break his T-34s on the next turn giving me the win and Dumipfin is still scoreless!

Luke and I set up next with him using an American tank force form BG&G for the 4th Armor.
 Luke used a force of two Jumbos and two Easy 8 to pin my attintion to the front...
 While Flanking me with his other two Easy 8 tanks.
 Dumpfin's Ambush talents came to goo use here, but Luke was lucky to only loose one E8.
 I bailed one of the jumbos when my Nachorn's arrived and that was the turning point.
 The Nachorn's got one jumbo next turn and caused the other to run with a duble bail... tough with E8s pushing on each objective I was in trouble.
 I though Luke had me with this one (he killed the StuG) but I was able to get Dumipfin back though he still missed!
 in the end only one StuG and one Nachorn survived the battle

Luke and I then swapped armies and proceeded to school me with the Germans.  Refusing his left and attacking me on his right.
 Got to love looking down the barrel shots!
 I did manage to scare him with this push on his left (my right)
 But he used the ambushes to make up for a lack of fire power
And held me while he killed the Tanks on my left and took the objective. Good game Luke.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kradschutzen Command teams

As I posted here: Kradschutzen I had 4 stands of Kradschutzen painted up for my Africa Korps Armored force but never got the command platoon portion built.  Well I finally summoned the ambition to build these fiddly models and I am pleased with the results. 
While keeping a sand base I added enough flock and dried grass that these won't look out of place with other armies or at least that is my hope.
One will serve as the command team and the other three can work as the lt. Mortar and AT rifle in early war and provide a stand for a motorcycle mounted observer or similar transport stand. 
Lets Ride!
I should note that these figures were a prize earned in one of Gordon's (of Adler hobbies) escalation league.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bailed out Tankers US and German

Nothing too fancy here just some tankers to put down for bailed out vehicles.  I mounted theses on what ever I had, old wood bases, a badly cast Battlefront small sized base and some foreign coins.  I like having these they add an extra dimension to the board.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Regiment Fabris

Just finished the third regiment for my Imagine-Nation the grand Duchy of D'Argent.  This is Regiment Fabris the most senior of the Duchy's Infantry Regiments behind the guard.  The regiment claims descent from Sir Giscard D'Argent's original band of men at arms and retainers who returned with him form the Crusades.

 An army is starting to take shape

Thursday, November 22, 2012

StuG Battery vs 7th Armor

As I mentioned Luke and I started on a game Tuesday though we did not get a chance to finish.
 Luke has learned a lot about tactics since I started gaming with him (ok the Marine's may have thaught him a thing or two as well). He sent light tanks and a platoon Shermans backed upt with is 2iC Jumbo on a flanking run at my left.  While he had infantry and another armor platoon with a Jumbo at the village to keep me pinned down there.
He got one of my two Nachors giving me only one gun that chould kill a Jumbo.
 Infantry and recon push in on my Stum Platoon.  Luke thought about assulting but wisely decided to dig in and try and wittle me down.
 I got a lucking break killing one of the Jumbos.
 On the left I had gotten one of the two Easy 8 Shermans... but Luke got even...
 Killing one StuG and bailing out two more (I as having really bad luck with remount rolls).
 In the center infantry of both sides were proving very poor at killing each other even with Mortars and Artillery helping out.
Luke had a good push going over here it was a race to see if I could get the Tigers and Nachorn there in time to stop him. The store had to close so we never got it find out.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dead Lead Night

We had quite a pile of stuff at the Game Castle last night. Don sold a Warmachine army that has been collecting dust in his closet for 5 years. Rob made a deal on his Uncharted Seas fleet. Harry sold a bolt action army. I was able to unload part of my unused Russian force. Luke got a good start on a Russian Army with the Armor and heavy AA guns he picked up from me and Don.  I got some Panzer IV(H)s and a twelfth StuG as well as a few truck.  I walked away with some good miniatures at a very reasonable price, and have a nice chunk of store credit in my pocket.

Thanks to Game Castle for hosting this event I hope it worked out for them.

After the trading was done Luke and I played a game him taking my 7th Armored division while I used my StuG Battery list.  we had quite a fight going when we had to wrap up because the store was closing. Pictures are proving problematic at the moment but I will post them latter.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

3 Trolls Ardenns Battle

Ariana had to work to day so I made my way to 3 Trolls to take part in their weekly battle. This game consisted on 2000 points of US Paratroopers against 2500 points of Volksgrenadiers.  I was on the American side with Curtis facing Warren and Charlie with their Volks Grenadier hord!

Store owner Dick Krischbaum looks as Waren and Charlie deploy the Germans
 Facing this Horde of Huns we Yankees had two platoons of Infantry and Platoon of light 105mm.  We also had air and off board 155mms. If that sounds like a lot of artillery the Germans had 2 batteries of guns (10.5 CM and 12.5CM guns) as well as heavy mortars.
 Just a small part of the German horde heading my way, there were 15 German platoons, 8 of them infantry and they cam in wave after wave.
 I had very good luck with artillery dice killing and pinning a bunch of these reluctant Germans
 Air played its roll as well hitting the Hertzers hard and making them....
 Hurt!  OK some times yo just have to go for the low hanging fruit
 The first German wave is beaten back but more are coming and I have fewer men to fight them off with!
 The second or was it third wave, I lost count is decimated and pinned.... but my own troops are hanging on by a thread and only the arrival of US armor on Curtis's flank's timely arrival killing Warren's PanzerIV(70)s saves us.  I spend the last turn with my head down as Charlie tries to kill my men and gets 3 of our 6 105s howitzers...
The game ends on turn six as the Americans having held back the horde long enough to establish the main like of resistance fall back and the Germans try to pick up the pieces.  A fun game had I had a little less luck or if Charlie had had a little more it should have been a hard day for many more mothers in the USA.