Monday, August 31, 2020

French Convoy defense

 This scenario was inspired by some reading I did recently about the "Glorious 1st of June". The two fleets consist of two ships of the line and two Frigates each. The British ships all have extra carronades the Frigates are Veterans and the ships of the line regular. The French Frigates are sturdy and streamlined. One of the French ships of the line, the Jacobin, is sturdy and overgunned. I played the French and Frank Shepherd and Will Hunter played the English.

The fleets start on parallel courses the French need to have fewer ships struck than the English at the end of 8 turns. Above you can see the situation as the Battle is joined.  The French Frigates scored early lighting the Belvidere on fire. The British ships of the line have turned to try to break the French line.

Both French Ships of the Line hammered the HMS Elizabeth a combination of critical hits (crew and quarter deck) lead to her colidding with the Berwick.  The HMS Sutherland then crossed Berwicks Sturm. Jacobin hammered Belvidere and began to turn to aid Berwick.
The English frigate Belvidere has recovered and cuts across the bow of Jacobin. It's a powerful broadside but the big French ship drugs it off. The other English frigate Aeolus cuts between the two French Frigates and savages both ships. 
After a fierce close range exchange of fire the the Berwick is out of control and strikes. The two French Frigates have been forced to strike by fire from the Aeolus. Jacobin hits Sutherland but though only lightly damaged the Jacobin is the only French ship left. Despite the battered state of the Aeolus, Belvidere and Elizabeth the action is a clear English victory.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Warlord Schooners

 I picked up the Warlord schooner box from Noble Knight games a few weeks ago and just finished them.

These are handsome little ships and they paint up nicely.
There is a lot of detail they will look great on the table. I'm not a fan of the metal sails however. They are a pain to work with and make the model too top-heavy.  I'd rather have bare masts and paper sails. 
I couldn't bring myself to cutting up the frigates ratlines provided with the kit so I've dispensed with them for now


Monday, August 17, 2020

Rodgers Big Fight

 Historically Commedor Rogers never found his fight in the war of 1812 but had he been delayed or the British fleet been a little quicker off the mark a great battle could have taken place in the waters between Long Island and New Jersey.

The American Fleet of President (Arofan) United States (Mark) in the center Congress (Will) to the left with Hornet (Will) and Argus (Mark) to the right. Face Shannon, Africa, Belvidere and Aeolus. 
I ran the British fleet as GM for this remote game.  I tried to concentrate on the two smallest American ships but was hard-pressed to close with the Americans holding the weather gage.  
The fleets closed and began to exchange fire. Shannon and Africa hitting the President. While Aeolus hit Hornet.
President and Congress caught the Aeolus alone while United States battled Africa and Shannon at close range. Hornet and Argus tore up the Belvedere though both were hammered in return as she cut between them. Hornet was forced out of the fight/struck.
USS United States cut in behind Africa and delivered a devastating raking broadside
Congress finished off the Aeolus. Argus menuvered to cut odd Belvedere and avoid shots from the big ship of the line. United States continues to fire into the stern of the Africa.
The Shannon landed a fire critical on the President in two turn the fire would inflict 20 points of damage all but destroying the proud ship (and confirming Arofan's nickname as Capt "Ronson").
President wasn't quite done passing her strike test and raking the Africa from the stern forcing to strike as United States and Congress move to cut off the fleeing Shannon. Argus Rakes the Belvidere forcing her to strike.
Congress fires into Shannon damaging her. Shannon now below half strength can't mount enough sails to out run the all but undamaged Congress.  The result is a clear American victory the Halifax squadron is destroyed and at least Shannon will join the US fleet. President may not make it home but United States should be back in action fairly quickly and Congress would be loose in the Atlantic to strike as she chooses.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

3D Frigates Arethuse and Mahonesa

 Some new vessels courtesy of Arofan 3D shipyard.  A pair of frigates that started life fighting the British and then fought for them.

On the left is the Mahones which I have to restrain myself from calling the Mayonnaise. On the right is the Arethusa.
The Arethusa was captured by the Royal Navy in the Seven Years War and was involved in the opening engagement of France and Britain's conflict in the American Revolution. 
Her colors work for both English and French ships in a pinch but I think she'll mostly be an English ship for me.
The Mahonesa was a Spanish ship and two of her class were taken into British service early in the Napoleonic wars.
I did her stern in red as a reminder of her Spanish origin.
These ships are a bit smaller than Battle front ships. The hight difference (especially in the hull) is less than ideal but not too bad. Length is about right as Arethusa was a 36 gun ship and the warlord ships are 38s. So that works.
The Mahones was either a 36 or 34 gun ship (I've seen both listed) so the shorter hull works here as well. Thanks again Arofan for helping me grow my fleet. 

In other news it's my daughter's 3rd birthday 

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Elizabeth class Ships of the line

My friend Arofan once again put his 3D printer shipyard into service for me. This time to was a pair of Ships of the Line the HMS Berwick available here after some research I learned the Berwick in question was an Elizabeth class ship of the line. These ships fought in the American Revolution. 
The Berwick was one of two Elizabeth class Ships of the Line that were captured by the French that later fought at Trafalgar.  

The ships print out really nicely but lacked some details on the bow and stern. I used extras from my Warlord ships to address this lack adding figureheads like this mermaid on the Swiftsure.
I also added stern plates from Warlord's set to the ships and they really enhance their appearance.
I tried do paint schemes that would work in a variety of navies (the flags are removable). The Swiftsure look more English while the Berwick looks a lot more French but they can work as either antagonists or allies.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Enterpirse Vs Squirrel

Thursday night I met virtually with Frank Shepard. He hosted the game. I commanded the frigate Squirrel.  The game started with me cuttings across his bow for a raking broadside.
Frank returned the favor raking my stern not once but twice.
We then circled away from each other trading shots at long range. Both ships were suffering damage. 
As we moved around the island I got the opportunity to a couple of unreturned shots then a raking broadside. I only hit with my carronade but it was an extra damage critical.
Then the island was again between us. And the wind shifted so we were both pointed into the wind.
Frank passed his seamanship test and moved ahead. I turned at anchor as Frank moved ahead. Both ships were battered as they closed for the final clash. Frank hit me with a broadside I passed my strike test then I fired with grape shot and tried but failed to grapple. Fortunately for me Frank then failed his strike test.