Friday, March 30, 2018

Saga V2 first Game Clash of Warlords Scotti vs Saxons

 Now that we both have the book John and I decided to play.  We did the A&A time frame so my Irish (Scotti were slightly modified (no Curaidh or dogs). John ran early Saxon's with Hengist and Horsa. We got deployment C so every thing was really spread out.  We also rolled a 6 on the special rules so it was 2 extra points per unit eliminated not one.  John took advantage of his status as first player (and the Saxon ability to advance) to quickly hit my lead warriors.  That unit was quickly diminished form 8 to 4 and spent the rest of the game hiding.
My Irish Hearth Guard made a mightily charge (my first of V2) to protect their warrior bothers...
And did quite well.  John buffed up the survivors and sent them back in...
They did well only losing one warrior while killing to Hearth Guards.  John and sent up Hengist to help them.  Hengist took a fatigue in the process.  This gave my warlord and opportunity running up and sending a powerful Javelin attack (boosted with Fir Blog)
Hengist dodged but took two extra fatigues.
John's levies are now king of the hill having defeated my warriors in hand to hand combat.
My Warlord makes a second move John picks up the fatigues to make me fall short since my charge is now a move I take a shot with my Javelin... Hengist  is no more.
John's attack on the left has been coming on well.  Despite spirits of the Land my men are over run killing just one Saxon in return.
About turn four Hengist is dead but Horsa is still on the board.  John has a unit of Levies in good shape and two basically whole units of Warriors (but these troops are separated) I have two strong units of Hearth Guard and a battered unit of Warriors in addition to my War Lord.
I decide to play a waiting game peppering the Levies to a strength of 3 with Javelins...
Horsa tries to take down my Warlord but cannot and falls to my Hearth guard's Javelins on my side of the 5th turn.
John's Warriors make one final charge but fall short when I pick upa fatigue... We destroy the Levies on the hill in a final charge. I could have killed one or to more warriors with my remaining troops but we call it.  This is a Scotti Victory 24 to 17 (possibly 28 to 17 if the Hero's get the 2 extra for being destroyed under the special rule, we judged they would not but that we should get clarification).  Version 2 of Saga is a lot cleaner than Version 1 in its wording we were a little slow and the back and forth of calling out saga abilities and fatigue was much clearer and cleaner.  We both enjoyed the game a lot and look forward to more.  You can see John's thoughts here SAGA2: Clash of Warlords

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Challenge 8 Review.

Thanks Curt, Minions and all for another excellent challenge.  I don't have a true group shot I just didn't like the look so I've done group shots. 
The Footsore collection(and one Bones Viking) 66 miniatures Odin stands a bit of place among the Irish and Norse Gaels. 

An close up image of Brian Boru and the other Irish leaders on Boru's hill.  The Curt Geld miniature didn't sell so I have made a donation to Exta-Life on my own. 
The musicians and the tea party another 9 miniatures from Eureka miniatures.
The three Bones Ogre and Oni.
The 5 Bones Lycanthropes.
The 4  wild west version of the Wizard of Oz also by bones.
Bones Monsters, hero's and heroic monsters.  All together I painted a total of 94 25/28 mm figures
The final piece a scratch built 15mm World War II anti-tank bunker the only 15mm scale miniatures I painted this year.  I hit most of my painting goals this challenge.  I didn't get the Bones Mausoleum completed but it was started.  I accumulated 699 points a low total compared to previous years but this year had new challenges (a baby and home ownership). I'm planning to be back next year thanks for another great experience.  One thing I regret about the challenge is I didn't get to look at and comment on as many of my fellow challengers painting.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Last Game of Saga V1. Irish vs Saxons Retreet.

 Last Thursday John and I got together for our first game in a long time. I had had to cancel at least once since our operation Brevity mini-campaign wrapped up.  We opted to play Saga since I wanted to take my new Irish Army for a spin.  As I am still waiting on Saga 2 we played the original rules. I had my Irish while John ran Early Saxons out of the A&A book. We opted for the retreat scenario with me as the defender (the guy running for his life).  John put his levy archers in the blocking position.
 The Saxons are good a getting extra moves and John as me in close combat quickly.
 My Warlord and a group of warriors are quickly engaged.
 John's archer also get in a few shots.
 John Manages to isolate my warlord and the two leaders battle.  John is victorious.
 My left side troops are in disarray... Irish heathgards kill but one levy with their Javelins (poor choices on the battle board)  but my right side troops have a chance to get away.
 John drives in my Champion drives back on unit of warriors but the other takes out the remnant of one force and the other is damages.
 My Hearthgard try to break bast the levies... on a few fall still the move out of the way...
 My Champion stands alone...
 And manages to drive off his attackers this time
 On the Right my men manage stalemate of sorts giving them the chance to run...
The Champion dies fighting alone against many foes. John's Saxons beat the Irish by 21 Victory points to 17.  My would hounds and my second champion were the only troops to escape unscathed an John made very good use of his battle board robing me of 2 of 3 dice on the second to last turn trapping two units for destruction.