Friday, February 28, 2014

Visit from the US Sanitary Comission

I have a suggestion for a Design Your Own Campaign card for Longstreet.  I am calling it "a vistit from the US Sanitary Commission "I think this would be a Union only card as the Confederacy had no equivalent with the influence of the Yankee organization.

The Card would eliminate the extra reduction for recruits in the next reduction phase as member of the commission educate recruits and veterans a like about proper sanitation and nurse sick soldiers back to health.The card would be available after 1862.

So Longstreet players let me know what you think.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Raid on Pits Landing at Total Confusion

After months of hard work painting, play-testing and building terrain Adrian,
Cortland, Jon and I are finally ready for our Raid on Pits landing game at Total Con. 
A French and Indian force will seek to burn an encroaching English village.
Adrian goes over the rules

The Commander of our French Regulars makes ready his troops.

Hey isn't this a surprise attack?! The English provincials are ready.
Our French and Indian Players prepare to advance.
I see the french but were are the Indians (Musket and Tomahawk gives Indians and Rangers hidden movement).
There is a lot of movement in the woods but I don't see any one...
There the are! Indians and Ranger appear almost on top of each other.
Close in hand to hand fighting occurs almost at once.

And the Natives drive the Rangers back!
Its looking a little grim for the rangers caught in the open!
Provincal troops see natives boiling out of the woods and move to protect their flank.
Another force of Rangers springs and ambush on the French regulars but are shooting poorly
Another group of French Regulars move to flank the rangers as British Redcoats arrive marching to the rescue.
The Indians have charged the Rangers and driven them back over the village wall.
Then they come swarming over the wall attacking the Provincials with tomahawks and scalping knives.
The French regulars suffer a heavy volley from the Redcoat company in the village.
The First rank of Provincials is driven back but...
the second rank charges home supported by three rangers.

It goes better for the Indians than the Provincials but the Rangers are taking their toll.
Our French officers is suddenly alone his men swept away by the fire of the Redcoats.
The hard fighting of the rangers and a devastating volley from the redcoats turn the tide and the natives flee for the woods as victory slips from their grasp.
The remaining unit of French regulars fights a rear guard action allowing the remaining natives to escape to their long house in Canada.
This was a tough scenario for the attacker but they came within a turn of getting at least a minor victory.  The Figure scale was 54mm and the rules were Musket and Tomahawk. Every one had a good time and we got some good suggestion on how to make a better game next time. More pictures of the event can be found on my facebook page.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Total Confusion Photos

 You can check out my photos form my day trip to Total Con Saturday and like Fencing Frog on Facebook while you are there.
Stay tuned for the AAR of the big Raid on Pitts landing that Jon, Adrian, Cortland and I run.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Longstreet at Hobby Bunker

John and I met last night at the Hobby Bunker we only have the two of us at this point but we decided to start a Longstreet Campaign (yes I also sort of have one running with Nick but I don't think we'll be able to combine them). I rolled the hilltop scenario and decided I would defend you can see my line above(crappy photos taken on my cell phone but better than nothing as I forgot my camera).  I have artillery and the 4th Texas on the left hill and the 5th Texas is on the hill in the far distance. The 1st Texas and the Texas Lancers are in the center one on either side of the stream john had expanded to split my forces. John deployed mostly in the center but with his artillery to the left.
The 1st Texas advances in the center as John has his 12th New York regiment (just to the right of the image) in what looks like an isolated position. I am also repositioning my Artillery as its clear John is not going around my left. John gets first blood with an artillery hit. 
John is bringing up support as the battle shifts to the center.  On the right a poor survey card played by me limits the field and John's 2nd US cavalry repeatedly dash them selves against the 5th Texas.  John Drives back the 1st Texas though I suffer only a few losses (3 form this unit in the game)
The Texas Lancers take the 6th Pennsylvania from the side (not a flank attack) but drive them back the 1st Texas is not successful against the New Yorkers. But I also have the 4th Texas coming around on the left. John launches an attack in his turn driving back the 1st Texas. 
At this point I launch deviating attack.  My cavalry catches the 12th New York in a flank attack while the 4th Texas slams into the 6th PA and the still full strength 5th Texas hits the now dismounted 2nd US cavalry.  I win all three combats (in part thanks to Rebel Yell) breaking the 12th New York and 2nd US cavalry.  John has now lost 21 stands (passing his shatter point) while I have lost 3 stands.  This is an impressive Confederate victory despite Johns hard fighting.

In the after math of battle both John and I are promoted.  John gets Broken Codes that will help his scouting roll next game.  He also gets a powerful Artillery reinforcement in the form of two lite and two heavy rifles cannons.
Current union strength is as follows 6th PA Eager Recruits Strength 6 and a Hero; 12 NY Seasoned Recruits Strength 5; 1st Mass Eager Veterans Strength 6; 1st US artillery 2 lite rifles and 1 howitzer; 2nd US artillery 2 Heavy Rifles; 2nd US Cavalry Seasoned Recruits Strength 3 also the 1st Michigan joins Johns army as a strength 10 regiment of Eager Recruits bringing him up over the minimum strength.

I also got some new guns 1 heavy rifle and a howitzer.  I decided to form a new one stand battery with the heavy rifle and replace a six pounder with a howitzer.
All my troops are still eager Recruits (no see the elephant cards) and camp fever was fairly "kind" so current strength is as follows 1st Texas 8 (it had fallen to 6 but I used replacements); 4th Texas 8; 5th Texas 8 and the Texas Lancers 6.  The 1st Texas Light Artillery now has 1 Six Pounder and 2 Howitzers and the Richmond Rifles has one Heavy Rifle. I also drew the Transfer Card so the 3rd Arkansas regiment joins with a strength of 6 and is rated Seasoned Veterans.  I have the "friend in the state house card" but as my force is already over even that higher minimum number of stands this does not net me any additional troops.  John gained 3 Epic point while I earned 7 so some Richmond paper probably thinks I should have stormed Washington right after the fight.

Johns new Artillery goodies will help him a lot int he next battle as he will be able to hit me beyond the range where I can get him.

Monday, February 17, 2014

CAS Dismounted Cavalry troopers

Dismounted Confederate cavalry for Longstreet
These are Bluemoon figures and are some of their best sculptures for their Civil War line.
The only problem is packaging you get 15  troopers in one pack and 16 command figures in the other pack so it's an awkward number when you need 8 strands per unit for Longstreet.
I solved this by taking 8 strands of infantry and mixing them in together they give me enough for two dismounted cavalry units.
I am not sure I like the number of men armed with pistols but the do look good.
I used South Carolina colors many associated with Hampton's Legion.
The shotgun armed troopers are among my favourite for this line.

Mixed with  infantry to make two full units.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

1814 with Boston Trained band

 A panorama of the impressive table Rich Clayton and Chris Bergi of Boston's Trained Band.  The Russian's, Prussians and Swedish troops are long the front and left while the french are on the right.
 My command two Cavalry brigades each with two dragoons, one has Currasiers and Chassurs a Cheval
 My mission is to get as much space for the French on left heading for some high ground so we have space to deploy.  One brigade did really well command role wise, the other did not.
 My Brothers in the French infantry are off to a slow start leaving my advance brigade the sole focus of all the Allied fire. All things considered to get off lucky My Currasiers take two hits and are disordered but other wise I am OK.
 I charge a the Cossacks who have advanced on my hill but they flee and I am now exposed to several guns that I though I would get to "sweeping advance"
 But we have gained space and time. as infantry and guns come up we want to hold the flanks and push up the center our aim is a the point were the Prussinn and Swedish forces meet which we view as a weak point.
 Three turns of fire with constant disordering hits leave my cavalry doomed (this is my greatest issue with Blackpowerd an exposed disordered unit can do nothing to save it self, it can't even run away).
 Still we have pressure on the Prussian force in the house and a strong infantry line to hold the left. (my other cavalry has fallen back behind the infantry line).

 My two dragoons regiments (one from each brigade) go down swinging they get in a few hits then break the best I could hope for really.
 Prussian cavalry get shot to pieces but still takes the gun.

 The French push in the center is under way with heavy combat around the large hose.
 Panoramic image of the battle at this point.
 Allied cavalry bares down on the French left...
But the attack stalls on squares and the resistance of the French cavalry.    Sadly we had to call the game at this point as there is a snow storm brewing out side.  It was any ones battle at this point and its too bad we had to call it.  Rich is planning to run something like this a Huzzah this May.