Thursday, April 30, 2015

His Grace's Ships

As you may remember I got a small fleet of 1/2400 Napoleonic ships made by Figurehead  while at Havoc  These are now ready to take to the seas as the Navy of the Grand Duchy of D'Argent. They need names so submit one or more good ships names in the comments and you may gain a commission in the Navy of the Grand Duke. 
The Flagship a 100 gun 1st rate ship
There are bigger ships in sea but the British Navy came to the opinion that ships larger than 100 guns were too large and cumbersome (not to mention expensive) to be effective.

The fleet also has an 82 guns ship of the line the largest of what the Royal Navy called 3rd rates 
This ship together with the two 74 gun ships of the line are the core power of the fleet 
 D'Argents two 74 gun ships of the line D'Argent's fleet is not large enough to challenge the great powers but is large enough that England, France or Spain would have to commit a significant squadron to defend its blockading forces or convoys in the area.
Four ships of the line represent a strong fleet in being or a significant raiding force.
 Especially when supported by excellent Frigates and other smaller ships(this is were I plan to expand my naval forces).  Currently I have two 36 gun Frigates.
Large enough to deal with any pirate ship they might encounter and fast enough to scout for the main fleet in time of war. 
 Our final warship is a 32 gun frigate small but still a powerful war ship.
 As it is the smallest ship in the current fleet it most often receives detached duty.
Finally we have a large merchant vessel lightly armed but capable of working as a troop transport or supply vessel. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Warmonger Miniatures second Kick Starter

You guys may remember these guys pike men form Warmonger Miniatures
Well they are holding a second kick starter to fund the creation of hand gunners to go with them.
They are a local game company in Worcester MA so I hope your take a look and consider supporting this.  They are really impressive 10mm figures. To contribute take a look here:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blackpowder 1813 Some where in Flanders

 A Village somewhere in Flanders 3 French infantry and 1 Cavalry Brigades must hold the  town cross roads against 2 Allied Cavalry and 4 Infantry brigades. I have men in the buildings (see the skirmishers)
 My second brigade is on the right side with Mike's infantry.
 Mike's troops extend along the stone well.
 A mixed army of Prussian and British troops English Cavalry and infantry on the left and a mass of Prussians on the right.
 British cavalry moving forward in column attacks the attention of my artillery.
 Prussian troops advancing forward.
 The English Cavalry is stalled by fire form my infantry in the buildings and my artillery
 Cavalry clashes on the far side of the field.
 Prussian infantry assaults the center...
The Prussians suffer heavy casualties.....
 and they are thrown back...
 Cavalry charges the gun... I lost the gun but the cavalry was cut down by fire from the buildings.
 Cavalry battle continues and the Prussians continue to throw them selves against the stone wall
  A French blunder roll gets them on to the flank of Prussian troops...
Bill launches one last cavalry charge taking out my last gun... 
But they are broken in combat with my infantry and my flank holds the critical cross roads.  Mike's infantry is broken but his Cavalry is still in the fight barely and my second infantry brigade is able to extend to the right and hold the wall. The British infantry final get in the fight but I hold the village. Both Allied Cavalry brigades and two Prussian infantry brigades are broken... Its a French victory though both armies are reeling like punch drunk fighters.

There were some other cool games you can check out in my Facebook album  These include a Plains of Abraham battle and some guys playing a game using "giant robots" made from Legos.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Raid at Heaðuswát Cirice (Battle Blood Church)

Cuthwulf once again gathered his troops to rain the Briton lands this time the target chosen was a church (perhaps at the instigation of our new Wicca Priestess, Norgyth) the stream was not a significant factor beyond slowing my initial advance in a minimal way
John cam on in close proximity to the church but his position bottle necked him some what.  That swamp was the key terrain piece of the battle.
You can see how the Briton formation has to pass through the bottle neck corked by the swamp or move to one side or the other.
Both sides jockey for position.
I have gotten men in the church (this I believe is a mistake Looting is a 6 on a 1d6 and you have to pass twice, and your odds never get better... I should have kept that group in the fight)
Deorling confronts the Briton elites but decides...
its better to fall back to cover.
the elites attack I hold only because I have cover...
a bit of stand off has developed in the center as Cuthwulf and one of his Hearthguard move off to deal with the Briton elites.
John breaks away...
Still as stand off in the center my men are continuing to try to loot the church without success. My archers are picking away at one unit of Briton Warriors.  To the left John breaks one of my my Elites...
but the other comes up behind his elites and break them.
Both sides are fairly even as the battle enters mid stage.  there is a lot of back in forth maneuvering by Bergred and the Britons in the center.  The Swamp Deorling drives off the Briton Slingers but is overwhelmed by the levies.
Bergred launches a final charge that results in breaking a unit of warriors on both sides
Cuthwulf has rejoined the fight and call the warriors out of he church his two unit put a levy to route and the others withdraw.  Bergred's force is driven back(at the bottom)
Bergred is no trying to escape both sides moral is hanging by threads.  Cuthwulf tries to reach and save his old comrade.
Bergred manages to dance away for a while and I use the stand forth card and try to take john in the rear but my movement is far short.
Bergred's men are killed and he is over run and captures.  Deorling died with his men in the swamp. This was the bloodiest battle yet the Saxon's lost 29 men including 6 elites as well as a noble killed and another wounded. The Britons lost 22 men killed. This gives John a +4 victory his first in a while, fortunately for me the heavy losses on both sides mean the same recovery time though John as gained two additional warriors.  I need to roll up two new nobles.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oh too many cool kick starters!

I am jumping on this one a the last minute they will work well with the Mouslings or I hope they will 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Viking Bondi

With new troops Joining Cuthwulf's war-band I picked up the Wargames Factory box of "Viking Bondi" and was very pleasantly surprised. The poses and sculpts were better than then figures in the Viking Thengs box set.
Here are the First two units worth of them. some of them will be mixed in with existing units to give them a better look the spear-men will be there own unit.
Banner man for the new unit once again using one of Ray's flags.
Runic Shield for this fellow.
I kept the shields simple this time.
These guys went together a lot better and there were no awkward one like up stances to deal with
I striped the tunic since we don't hae armor to paint this time.

Another striped tunic.

The Blue came out really well for this guy

One of my signature swill pattern shields

Spear men these guys will probably act as a unit either all six together as warriors or 4 of them as "skirmishers" if I ever get that kind of mercenary troops
I went with a dark color palate for the troops but

A little bright color color for the shield.

The wash came off looking like it has blood on it.

Sorry it's hard to find new stuff to say about this many Dark age warriors.