Thursday, April 30, 2015

His Grace's Ships

As you may remember I got a small fleet of 1/2400 Napoleonic ships made by Figurehead  while at Havoc  These are now ready to take to the seas as the Navy of the Grand Duchy of D'Argent. They need names so submit one or more good ships names in the comments and you may gain a commission in the Navy of the Grand Duke. 
The Flagship a 100 gun 1st rate ship
There are bigger ships in sea but the British Navy came to the opinion that ships larger than 100 guns were too large and cumbersome (not to mention expensive) to be effective.

The fleet also has an 82 guns ship of the line the largest of what the Royal Navy called 3rd rates 
This ship together with the two 74 gun ships of the line are the core power of the fleet 
 D'Argents two 74 gun ships of the line D'Argent's fleet is not large enough to challenge the great powers but is large enough that England, France or Spain would have to commit a significant squadron to defend its blockading forces or convoys in the area.
Four ships of the line represent a strong fleet in being or a significant raiding force.
 Especially when supported by excellent Frigates and other smaller ships(this is were I plan to expand my naval forces).  Currently I have two 36 gun Frigates.
Large enough to deal with any pirate ship they might encounter and fast enough to scout for the main fleet in time of war. 
 Our final warship is a 32 gun frigate small but still a powerful war ship.
 As it is the smallest ship in the current fleet it most often receives detached duty.
Finally we have a large merchant vessel lightly armed but capable of working as a troop transport or supply vessel. 

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