Wednesday, March 31, 2021

HMS Orion and HMS Vangard

 Ok Royal Navy fans here are two English 74s.  I've named them both for two Veterans of the Battle of the Nile.  
The HMS Orion with it's Red (bark tan) sails. There is no historical reason for this other than I had a set of bark tan sails to use and it helps identify a ship.  Her flags can be removed if I want to have a red-sailed pirate ship of the line (a strange creature that would be)
I have to wonder why Orion isn't one of the "Warships of Renown" that Warlord has released (I'm currently painting these) she took part in several battles (Glorious First of June, Groix, Cape St. Vincent, Nile and Trafalgar) and had three future admirals(Duckworth, Saumarez and Codrington)  in command at different points. She even had Jack Aubrey as a 3rd Lieutenant.  
HMS Vanguard  Nelson's Flag ship at the Nile  her only major action but she was certainly stuck in there and you got to like the name. 
I've added some signal flags to both ships I like how they look I have three more English ships on the table right now and I need them to equal my French fleet. 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

French Ships of the Line Généreux

 Another Black Seas ship of the line. I've christened her Généreux (Generosity and odd name for a ship of war, sounds more like a hospital ship) for one of the two French ships of the line that escaped Nelson at the Battle of the Nile.

She's 74 gun ship of the Téméraire class and she would meet the English again at the battle of the Malta Convoy where she took on an a Royal Navy frigate and defeated it but had her commander killed. 

She was then rundown by three English ships of the line and forced to surrender. She did allow the rest of the convoy to escape but they could not make it into Malta. 
One feels she might have done better if her leadership had not been removed, fortune's of war. She also had a undistinguished career as HMS Généreux. 

Monday, March 22, 2021

State of the Fleets post Challenge

 Over the course of the painting challenge I painted 29 ships of all types.  

The French Fleet saw the largest growth adding Two 1st rates, three third rates (one of which doubles as a US ship) and three Frigates.  The French Fleet now has Two 1st rates and six 3rd rates for 8 ships of the line in total. 
The United States fleet only added two ships but when One is the USS Constitution it's a significant reinforcement. The second ship a Sloop of War. The original Six Frigates are now all accounted for. 
The Royal Navy added a frigate and several Brigs (don't worry they have more coming). 
I've also added two Xebecs and some Brigs to my corsair fleet and a couple merchants to my collection. There are also six new individual gunboats that will probably be small galleys and a new stand of gunboats. 

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Saga Age of Magic Otherworld vs Lords of the Wild

 Today was a big day my first in person wargame in over a year (John's too)

We rolled the forced march rules limiting movement which was an issue for my army that needed to get in close to do damage.

John used his ambush saga ability to kill 4 of my 8 hunters right off.

My Dragon moves in attacking John's Elvish archers.

John kept turning a piece of rocky ground into a  titten and using it to beat up on my "Valkyries"
Thor (my archdeamon Warlord) killed an Elvish knight with a throw of his hammer (breath attack)
Eagles face Valkyries and battle to mutual exhaustion. Thor will leap in and finish off the Eagles with a throw of his mighty hammer!
My Dragon feasts on Elvish archers (taste like chicken 😉) 
John's sorcerer (Radaghast the Brown) attempts to bind Thor. Range attacks go back and forth but with little of effect. We have to end the game points are just about even I'm a bit ahead but John's army is probably in a better position if the game continued. It was great to in a game  in person. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Black Seas Ships of the line

 Friday night I hosted a remote game with 5 French Ships of Line against 4 Ships of the Line.  

Captain's Rioux, Hunter, Gregory and Greenwald handled the British while Captain Mclaughlin and I handled the French. 
Will Hunter in HMS Sutherland made his way down the French Line guns blazing hitting and being hit.
Mark's leas ships Redoubtable and Spartiate engaged the Berwick and Queen Charrlotte. 
While the l'Orient blasts the Sutherland.
The fight decides into two as Sutherland battles three french ships. While Berwick and Queen Charrlotte battle two French ships. Arofan in HMS Swiftsure moveset to support Sutherland.
Queen Charrlotte boards Spartiate and captures her as Swiftsure joins the battle with the French Line as Sutherland burns and sinks.
The Berwick and Redoubtable batter at each other and then board the battle raged back and with coming down to the last throw with Berwick coming out ahead. Meanwhile Swiftsure is being run down by three French ships.  We call the game two English ships are out of the fight one sunk and another about to be overwhelmed but they have captured two French ships.  It's probably a minor victory for the French.