Wednesday, March 31, 2021

HMS Orion and HMS Vangard

 Ok Royal Navy fans here are two English 74s.  I've named them both for two Veterans of the Battle of the Nile.  
The HMS Orion with it's Red (bark tan) sails. There is no historical reason for this other than I had a set of bark tan sails to use and it helps identify a ship.  Her flags can be removed if I want to have a red-sailed pirate ship of the line (a strange creature that would be)
I have to wonder why Orion isn't one of the "Warships of Renown" that Warlord has released (I'm currently painting these) she took part in several battles (Glorious First of June, Groix, Cape St. Vincent, Nile and Trafalgar) and had three future admirals(Duckworth, Saumarez and Codrington)  in command at different points. She even had Jack Aubrey as a 3rd Lieutenant.  
HMS Vanguard  Nelson's Flag ship at the Nile  her only major action but she was certainly stuck in there and you got to like the name. 
I've added some signal flags to both ships I like how they look I have three more English ships on the table right now and I need them to equal my French fleet. 


  1. Hello.
    Beautiful models. Receive my congratulations! I'm also painting a 3rd to represent it as the HMS Vanguard. Let's see how it will be...

    Greetings from the Canary Islands, Spain.

  2. Your ships are incredible models. Amazing detail and beautiful to behold.