Tuesday, January 31, 2017

24 Hour game day -Frostgrave

This report is long over due.  Its the final game form game day Frostgrave Played on Mike John's excellent board.  Apologies if my memory is fuzzy. 
My wizard "Gandalf"  (a Thaumaturge) enters the frozen city where fires from previous battles still range.  Gandalf sticks to the street.
While his apprenticee Jehane enters the broken citadel .
William's Kobolds flank me and snipe at my troops all game they score a few minor hits but I am lucky.
Maxine and her mouslings aren't so lucky attracting the attention of a ghoul.
Mike has his archer on high ground snipping the at every thing in sight (mostly me)
We have treasure and a pair of giant rats..
Maxine takes Down her undead foe.
He doesn't stay in the box long as Will causes another one to spawn.
Will has is solders coming to get me...
Between telekinesis and good movement I have several tokens in my control or nearly so
Then I go for one too many and a Frost Giant springs up
All sides are fall back its just to dangerous to extend to far in to the center with archer and elementalists holding the high ground.
My archers shoot and...
I had a very successful game as you can see 5 tokens retrieved.   I called it a night at this point and headed home.  We were all getting a little punchy and had a hard time staying focused on the game.  I was perhaps a little crabby too and not as patient as I normally try to be if so I hope my fellow players will understand and accept my apologies if any are needed.

Challenge Up Date #3

Well my latest update is up and as of Monday I had clawed my way into 15th place.  Not bad (I'll be falling again come Tuesday but can hopefully keep climbing.  If my calculation are correct I need about another 120 points a week to hit my target.  I have 35 points painted already this week and should hit that target or even do better this week.
Pictures form Monday's entry normally I would have done three different entries but our Monday editor requested we do a single entry.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Saga Last Stand Rematch

Last Thursday John and I met up to play Saga again and we wanted to try the last stand again but switch rolls. Sorry for the doggy quality of the above photo but I wanted to show the starting set up.  I was running the same Norse-Gales list as last time and John was doing the same with his Anglo Saxons.
I have endless war-band in effect so I decided that launching attacks early and often is the way to go, especially with Howling Axes. John realizing he will on face on attack this turn buffs his men to the max.
Its a mutual slaughter I lost 6 Heathguard while John lost 8 warriors in may cases that would be a good exchange for him.. but not in this scenario.
My flanking band of Ax-men hits another unit of his warriors... I lost three and John's losses are similar.
My Javelin armed troops do their job scaling the rocky hill and taking out John's Levy of slingers... Normaly these guys punch well above their weight so I am glad of the result.
My flanking ax men finish off their foes...
and begin pursuing John's Warlord and his warriors. 
My War lord with his Heathgard at his side launches the first attack on the deadly Flemish spearmen
My initial attack doesn't do much but my lone remaining Heathgard launches a suicide attack which is followed up by my warriors.
John's warriors however slip away...  
Only to run right into a "re-spawning"  unit of Heathguards...
 Losses are heavy for John but he needs only survive one turn....
Unfortunately for John I get very good Saga dice so I can move multiple units into attack position and over run the last of the brave Saxon's in the final turn of the game.  I won this one but it was a squeaker.  Had John made use of the fighting defensively rules earlier in the game he would probably have won the game.  This is an interesting and challenging scenario.  Next time we'll try another scenario but I think we will return to this one in the future.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Challenge up date #2

So its been a long time since I posted an update on my progress in the Challenge.  Despite some initial set backs.  I think I have gotten my self back on track.  As of last Monday I have 501 points of the 1500 I need to reach my goal.

Voting for the Bonus Theme round "East" ends Saturday I would very much appreciate your vote all the entries can be seen here: Analogue Hobbies Bonus Round My entry is a mariner charting his course East the direction you must sail first when leaving Boston for any direction.
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I'm also happy to report that I have 70 more points already posted and waiting on next Monday and 32 more points with just the ground work to do.  Those 32 Points will be my fist volley in the 15mm Seven Years War Side duel.  I fully expect to loses that duel as I am up against some power house painters but I have a fairly big project under way using these figures so I hope to make a good showing.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Frostgrave: The Lich Among Us

 So the crew at the Relentless Dragon has agreed its time to try a new campaign and Dave has a special scenario:
Long story short one of us is in fact a lich lord but we don't know who.  I'm running a Different sort of wizard this time the Thaumaturge. My wizard who I am calling Grakrake leads his team onto the board.  
across the way Max and her Mouslings have already sired up trouble with a white gorilla
My hafling thief grabs my special (Revel secret) token and its a good thing...
because Frank has grabbed the other near by token and is pulling it away.  My apprentice makes Telekinetic grab for it but fails badly.
Frank and his construct enhanced army are looking like a threat
My Wizard pulls the token back the next turn... and my archer hits Frank's thief.
Frank has his troops advancing on me and his apprentice...
Again snags the treasure and drops it at the feet of a construct who immediately picks it up...
Its time to fall back.  My apprentice hits one of Fank's archers with Blinding light neutralizing him for the rest of the game.
My archer takes a shot the Barbarian and then falls back...
My wizard does the same next turn... My second archer makes a try at Frank's apprentice but misses
Down the other axis of the board: Mike, Will, Max and Dave are maneuvering for the one at large token in the house with the ladder.
I'm taking up a defensive position and buffing members of my party with shield spells this leads some to speculate that I am the Lich...
Dave's Captain attacks Will's Necromancer (inside the building) Dave was sure Will was the Necromancer but death revels him to be an ordinary death mage.
Turn 5 and it seems Frank is the Lich! He played it very cool though some folks were speculating at the end as he had been "very quiet." I had been hopping Max's mousing would be the lich I had the best title for this report if it had been so (Frostgrave the Mouse Lich Rises) oh well.
I got my one token off the board and then waited to see what would happen.  My spells are not directly offensive enough to confront a lich head on.  If the others had attempted to bring Frank to battle I would have joined in... but they don't so I fall back off the board.  This was an almost bloodless game of Frostgrave (Will suffered the only casualties) but good fun never the less.  Six players was too many 3 would have been perfect Dave made a good scenario that will be a nice game for conventions.  In the end I got 120 experience, 20 Gold and a Belt of Animal repelance (a magic item of limited utility since it repels your own animals)