Wednesday, January 3, 2024

La Ferme aux Rennes (More like Foxes than Lyons)

A very fun game from last Friday hosted by Arofan using his More like Foxes than Lyons rules.  This scenario is inspired by Turenne's Winter Campaign.   It looks like the French are on the defensive but they accualy have to attack. 

I was commanding the French I planned refuse my right flank and attach the Imperialist on the left.  My attacking force was four squadron of Gendarmes de France and the two battalions of veteran infantry from the Bresse Regiment.  Regiment Perche and the artillery held the center while another two squadrons of Gendarmes de France

Bill commanded the Imperialists with infantry and cavalry as shown above. 
My troops move forward quickly forward on the left ans the imperialist advance or wheel to counter my attack.  
Thats a lot of Germans infatry and battalion guns with some real artilery and dragoons in support.  German heavy cavalry is rushing to counter my Gendarmes 
The start of a slugging match that would last all game the 4th & 3rd Starhemberg battalions would give Bill Yeoman service standing for at lest 10 of the 12 game turns we played agaisnt everything I could throw at them. 
German Mercenaries charged by Gendarmes  with the marshal at thier head ... Geman's where thrown back in confussion. 
The German's are bent back in a fish hook with my troops hamming them 
Gendarmes charg again throwing infanty into confusion starting a cascade of german moral checks and units break. My other force of Gendarmes advances driving the dragoons back.. 
Geman cavalry tries to counter attack but it fizzles the battalions of Starhemberg begin to break and run.... this is an intesne game played over several hours for us but represeing about 10 minates of intense combat.  

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