Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Devil in the Wilderness

Last Saturday I met up with Dave and John at Midgard or a game of Devil in the Wilderness (Written by Dave)
I drew the Puritans the Mather Brothers and John Alden. 
John has the Natives and Rev. Boroughs 
John quickly recruited some Canadians Milice but 
I was able to turn them on him (good thing Cotton Mather speaks French) 
John did the same thing to the Militia in the Meeting house with Increase Mather... Mather some how managed to dodge and deflect their attacks!  
Milice attack witches... 
Then the werewolves start coming out 
a werewolf even help Increase Mather escape! 
John Managed to kill increase as one of his Native witches struck him down and raised him as a zombie. 
The game swung back and for but John ceased more objectives and had a slight edge.  John's AAR can be seen here: Devil in the Wilderness This was my first game of the final version of the rules. I did have a hand in the first play test in 2016 

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