Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Fort Devens Game Day Battle of Sandy Hook

 Saturday was the Fort Devens Museum Game Day I ran my Battle of Sandy Hook a speculative battle in the early War of 1812.

View of the American Squadron from the masthead of HMS Africa.

The two flag ships President and Shannon exchange fire. 
USS Argus faces off with HMS Aeolus.... 
Results in USS Argus being blasted out of(or under) the water. 
The battle is now fully joined the President catches fire after a broadside from Belvedere 
Hornet crosses  the T of Aeolus which was caught in irons after destroying the Argus. Hornet gets a key critical hit disabling Aeolus' steering. 
The next turn Hornet talkes out one of Aeolus masts. 
Essex then comes up and blasts Aeolus then boards her in the smoke the fist English ship taken out. 
USS Congress Cross the stern of HMS Africa scoring a heavy hit.
English ship tack across the wind and turn on the Americans... 
HMS Guerrier  rakes the United States
The United states narrowly avoids a collision (and fails to board)
HMS Africa sets the United States on fire. Both Fleets are mauled at this point.  Congress crosses Africa's stern for a second time forcing her to strike. 
HMS Guerrier and Congress exchange the final broadsides of the game.  Aeolus, Shannon and Africa Strike... Guerrier is probably run down by Hornet and Congress and forced to surrender. This is a clear tactical victory for the American.  Still of the US Ships only Hornet and Essex are in a position to continue their sortie and the other ships will probably get blockaded in New York Harbor if the English react quickly so the losses might work out for the English in the end. (assuming the British Government doesn't fall as a result of this disaster) 

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  1. Enjoyed the game very much. Thank you for putting it on and sharing my your knowledge with us.