Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Wolf Hunt

Monday was a snow day and Evelyn wanted to take a look at my Wargame terrain and such and then she set up a village and picked out some figures.  We decided to play a game and she decided to play the "Big Bad Wolf" I ran the Kings Jagers .
Civilians flee down the road while mounted Jagers and hounds move to intercept the wolf. The intitial clash results in the death of one dog. 
Two civilian ledies quckly fall to the wolf. 
Jagers get a shot at the wolf and hit it. 
More civilains are eatem and the wolf is hemmed in taking shots from my jagers
The wolf makes a break for it...
The mounted Jagers run down the Wolf but cannot hold it 
The Wolf breaks away but the two laddies fend it off... 
The wolf is cornned and takes it's third hit... forcing it to flee but it carries off another hound. 
The wolf got six figurte the target needed for Evlyn to win but...
The wolf took 3 hits enought to drive it off so my first game with Evelyn is a draw. 

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